My Gym Partner's a Monkey

  • 2005
  • TV Show
  • TV-Y7

Animated series about a boy named Lyon who's accidentally enrolled in a school for animals.

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A Very Special Boy / Knights of the Multiplication Table Season 4, Episode 13 Jul 27, 2008 Paid

"A Very Special Boy" Adam discover the only reason he's never been eaten or seriously maimed at CDMS, is because of his "special" status. Adam demands the status be removed, and when it is, he finds out the true meaning of "survival of the fittest." "Knights of the Multiplication Table" Phinneas daydreams of a world where he and the Spiffies are heroic knights sent by King Pixiefrog to rescue Lady Warthog from the evil Jake Dragonmonkey.

Wild Thing / Lonely Lyon Season 4, Episode 12 Jul 27, 2008 Paid

"Wild Thing" A jungle girl, raised by possums, shows up at CDMS, posing a threat to Adam's status as the SHOC - Sole Human On Campus. "Lonely Lyon" A letter to the editor makes Jake think that Adam is considering leaving CDMS. In an effort to make Adam feel more welcome, he and his friends set out to become more human.

Where In the World Are Adam's Parents? / Mountain Dude Season 4, Episode 9 May 1, 2008 Paid

"Where In the World Are Adam's Parents" The mystery of Adam's seemingly non-existent parents reaches a frenzy, as his friends fear he has actually eaten them. "Mountain Dude" Jake is inspired by a guest speaker to become a mountain goat, much to the chagrin of Adam and Mr. Mandrill, who want him to be the best spidermonkey he can be.

Human Behavior / Four Eyed Jacke Season 4, Episode 8 Apr 24, 2008 Paid

"Human Behavior" After pulling two straight weeks of all nighters before final exams, Adam goes feral. Jake is overjoyed, hoping to finally realize his dream of training a wild child for the National Wild Boy Competition. The competition doesn't go so well, but Jake tries to redeem his reputation by teaching Adam to use utensils, so that he can escort Kerry to a debutant ball. "Four Eyed Jake" Adam learns that Jake is nearly blind and convinces him to get glasses, despite Jake's protests that revealing his weakness will cause him to be shunned by the gang. Sure enough, he is shunned by the gang.