My Friend Rabbit

  • 2007
  • TV Show
  • TV-Y

An animated series following the adventures of best friends Rabbit and Mouse and their other animal pals.

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My Friend Rabbit
My Friend Rabbit is an animated series about the wide-eyed adventures of Mouse and Rabbit, best friends through thick and thin. Their unique way of u (more…)
For The Birds;Pearl?s Pals
12:00 — When Edweena wants to make friends with a flock of pretty yellow songbirds, she enlists the help of the gang to teach her different friend-making stra (more…)
The Greatest Invention;Turtle In A Hurry
12:00 — Jasper claims that his fishing stick is the Greatest Invention. Rabbit has a hard time believing it until the fishing stick helps rescue Amber from a (more…)
Mouse?s Mountain;You Be Me
12:00 — Mouse wants to climb Big Mountain, but is afraid to go alone. But when Rabbit, Jasper and Thunder all decide to go with him, they each must face a fe (more…)
Branching Out;The Willow Pond Wackadoo
12:00 — A fallen tree's branch is blocking the entrance to Rabbit's sleeping hole and it just won't budge. Rabbit's friends invite him to spend the night in t (more…)
Silly Pilly;Muddy Puddle
12:00 — Rabbit is about to perform his new hop, the triple-bipple backwards flipple when suddenly he's overcome with a huge itch - which is revealed to be a t (more…)
Mouse?s Moss;The Sound of Silence
12:00 — Rabbit has built a carrotastic "flipper" and he and Thunder are having a great time flipping things into the air until, oh, oh they accidentally flip (more…)
Follow The Leader;Chasing Rainbows
12:00 — Rabbit and Mouse play "Follow the Leader" and soon the Gibble Girls, Hazel and Thunder join in. But they run into a series of problems because of thei (more…)
Hazel?s Big Surprise;The Last Leaf
12:00 — Hazel has gathered, sorted, polished and stacked enough acorns to fill her hidey-hole, even though winter is months away and now she's feeling a littl (more…)
Little Dutch Rabbit;Fishing for the Moon
12:00 — One day, Rabbit gets a terrible itch. He grabs a stick from the beaver dam to scratch it - and the dam springs a leak! The whole neighbourhood turns o (more…)
The Hoppiest Wish Ever;Mouse?s Mysterious Something
12:00 — When Mouse wishes to be The Hoppiest Hopper, his friends work together to think of some imaginative hop-helpers to aid him in getting his wish;Mouse f (more…)
A Sticky Situation;Ladybug Day
12:00 — Mouse and Rabbit accidentally become stuck to the same stick, with resin from a "sticky-icky tree". With help from the Gibble girls, they learn to cop (more…)
Honey and Berries;Birthday Mousey
12:00 — After Mouse and Rabbit "accidentally" eat all of Hazel's blueberries, they realize saying sorry may not be enough, so they embark on a quest to find h (more…)
A Gift to Last;The Big ?To Do?
12:00 — Rabbit and Mouse discover it is Jasper's Birthday but they have no idea what to give him. While failing in their efforts to think of something, they h (more…)
Gibble Goose Girls Galore;Scaredy Skunk
12:00 — The Gibble Goose Girls find it difficult to dance together when they misunderstand Rabbit's complements and think that their step is the best. But by (more…)
The Mysterious Acorn Mystery;Frog On A Log
12:00 — Hazel, Rabbit and Mouse are totally confused when Hazel's acorns disappear from one place and appear in another. But even more mysterious things happ (more…)
A Private Place;My Droopy Friend
12:00 — When the friends learn that Edweena has a private place where she goes to be alone, they all decide they want one two. But soon they discover that fin (more…)
Thunder the Poet;The Strawberry Patch
12:00 — When Thunder forgets a poem he made up, Rabbit and Mouse are determined to help him remember it. They try various strategies to jog Thunder's memory, (more…)
I?m Rabbit; I?m Rabbit;Bogged in Fog
12:00 — Mouse, Rabbit and Thunder meet new friends who amazingly have the same names as they do! And not only that, the same voices and the same ideas too! (more…)
Catch Me If You Can;The Snow Geese
12:00 — Thunder is trying to help Hazel catch acorns before they roll into the creek and drift away. But his inability to focus on the task at hand frustrate (more…)
Edweena?s New Friend;The Big Goose
12:00 — When Edweena's new friend Lexi the Bear has to hibernate, Mouse, Rabbit and Jasper help her says goodbye, and to feel better after her friend leaves b (more…)
Nest Quest;Bouncy Bog
12:00 — When the Gibble-Goose girls? nest is accidentally wrecked, they decide to build a new and better one. But they don't agree on what "better" is, so Cor (more…)
Hazel?s Noise;Don?t Touch Mossy
12:00 — Rabbit, Mouse and Thunder help Hazel find the source of an irritating noise. But all efforts to restore peace and quiet fail and they must devise an i (more…)
Strange Bee-haviour;The Flighty-Fly
12:00 — Mouse wants to tell a story, but thanks to a swarm of noisy bees that are buzzing around Edweena, his friends can't hear him! They try ignoring the be (more…)
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  • Premiered: October 5, 2007
  • Rating: TV-Y
  • Premise: An animated series following the adventures of best friends Rabbit and Mouse and their other animal pals. (more)

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