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A series exploring legendary monster stories.

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Monster Quest: Mega Hog Trailer
01:13 — Do wild hogs in the United States grow to monstrous sizes? Many think so. In Georgia an 1100 pound hog was shot and killed, and in Texas beasts almost (more…)
Monster Quest: Black Beast Of Exmoor Trailer
01:04 — MonsterQuest investigates a strange cat-like creature which allegedly is on the prowl in the forests of Great Britain.
Monster Quest: Vampires In America Trailer
01:32 — MonsterQuest uncovers a century-long vampire scare in New England in the 1700's. Were there really any vampires about and could there still be some am (more…)
Monster Quest: Bigfoot In New York Trailer
00:50 — What is the Monster of Whitehall? In 1976, in upstate New York, several police officers reported seeing an animal that they couldn't identify. It was (more…)
Monster Quest: Chupacabra Trailer
01:22 — In 1995, a beast dubbed "El Chupacabra," spanish for "The Goatsucker," was first sighted and accused of killing and draining the blood of hundreds of (more…)
Monster Quest: Boneless Horror Trailer
01:02 — Throughout history there have been sightings of a massive Octopus big enough to attack and sink boats. Could such a creature really exist? Our divers (more…)
Monster Quest: Super Rats Trailer
01:16 — Recent archaeological evidence suggests that common rats once grew to massive sizes. Are these huge rodents making a comeback? Claims of huge rat sigh (more…)
Monster Quest: Ohio Grassman Trailer
01:13 — Just miles from the industrial cities of Ohio, there is a bogeyman that has terrified local children for over a century. According to stories and sigh (more…)
Monster Quest: Giant Bear Attack Trailer
01:04 — Are big bears are getting more assertive and aggressive? In pre-historic times, giant bears weighed up to a ton and stalked early man. Listen as witne (more…)
Monster Quest: Lake Monsters Of The North Trailer
01:42 — Join divers, biologists and forensic sketch artists as they team up to search for "Cressie", the mysterious creature allegedly lurking at the bottom o (more…)
Monster Quest: Vampire Beast Trailer
01:16 — In the fall of 2007, residents of Bolivia, North Carolina started losing pets and farm animals to an unknown creature. Is it the same mystery predator (more…)
Monster Quest: Jaws In Illinois Trailer
01:04 — One of the deadliest predators in the ocean, the Bull Shark, can tolerate fresh water. It can swim hundreds of miles upstream--one strange photo from (more…)
Monster Quest: Legend Of The Hairy Beast Trailer
01:03 — Native American history is full of "Hairy Man" stories and cave art that date back over a thousand years. Did Native Americans know the truth behind t (more…)
Monster Quest: China's Wildman Trailer
01:23 — Take a journey to the Far East, to the remote Chinese province of Hubai to discover what locals have dubbed the "Wild-Man." Witnesses have reported se (more…)
Monster Quest: Ghosts Trailer
01:42 — Visit one of the most haunted houses in America, the Lizzie Borden house, scene of the famous 19th century double murder. Watch as paranormal expert's (more…)
Monster Quest: Monster Spiders Trailer
01:31 — Join an expedition into the wilderness of South America on the hunt for a monster-sized predatory spider. In the forests of Venezuela there are report (more…)
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  • Premiered: October 31, 2007
  • Rating: TV-PG
  • Premise: A series exploring legendary monster stories. (more)

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