Monster Math Squad

  • 2012
  • TV Show
  • TV-G

Three monsters employ math skills to overcome problems in this computer-animated series.

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Joke Monster Machine
12:06 — The topic of 'fit' is explored as the Squad help a monster unlock a joke box and mini joke box monster. By using 'keys' of differing shapes, which 'fi (more…)
Slugmonsters’ Race
12:06 — The Squad learn about measuring time while helping Sporty Monster figure out which of his Slugmonsters can win the annual Slugmonsters’ Race!
Number Line Monster’s New Game
12:06 — The Squad use their knowledge about ‘next’ numbers in order to put Number Line Monster back together after he falls apart, and also when playing a cou (more…)
Double Trouble
12:06 — Muddle Monster wants to play Whack-a-Monster-Ball with Double Monster, but the Squad have to learn how to make everything double before DM will play!
Best Best Monsters Ever
12:06 — Monstrous romance is in the air as Nervous Nelly Monster calls the Squad to ask for help on her wedding day! First, she needs more stinkweed in her bo (more…)
Toothy Monster Plant Mix-Up
12:06 — The Squad help Farmer Monster, who grows Toothy Plants with differing numbers of teeth. First, they learn how to mark the individual teeth of each pla (more…)
Muddy Monster
12:06 — The shape of an object doesn’t determine how much it can hold. The Squad help a clumsy sculptor complete his latest monsterpiece by learning how volum (more…)
Too Heavy for the Hopping Honkers
12:07 — Three monsters of different weights learn which of three different-sized Honkers are the right match for them.
Uncle Gloop’s Putrid Peppers
12:06 — Comparing objects enables the Squad to determine if one has less than an amount of something than another. In this case, it's if the amount of water g (more…)
Mail Carrier Monster’s Big Mess
12:06 — When a pesky Lickity Monster licks the stamps off Mail Carrier Monster’s mail, the Squad must learn that different shapes have different numbers of si (more…)
Delivery Monster Doesn’t Deliver
12:06 — The Squad must go backwards down a number line; that is, from 5 to 3, and then from 5 to 1, to help a confused Delivery Monster keep to his schedule
Monster Mayhem
12:06 — The Squad help bring about peace and quiet with the little monsters at the Day Care Centre by learning two sets of objects are 'equal' if they each co (more…)
Handmonster’s Helpers
12:06 — The squad help Miss Hand Monster get her nails ready by using the knowledge of five to select the correct amount of nail polish
Monster Cake Mistake
12:06 — The Squad help Miss Murkley make identical, double cake orders for Even Stevie and Even Evie by cutting cakes into two symmetrical pieces.
Monster Treat Trouble
12:06 — Freezy Treat Monster’s treat cart has broken down, so it’s up to the squad to reproduce the correct patterns of frozen gloop and decorations on cones, (more…)
Slime Cube Sale
12:06 — The Squad get a cranky call from Mr Cranky Pants Monster: he’s trying to pack up orders of Slime Cubes, but can’t figure out the proper size of boxes (more…)
Monster Bed Builders
12:06 — The Squad help a sleepy monster follow a recipe for making a compost ‘bed’ by learning that 'sum' indicates the total of two or more objects added tog (more…)
Monster Go Round
12:06 — Some little monsters want to ride the new Monster-Go-Round together, but they won’t all fit in the car. The Squad use ‘subtract’ to make two smaller s (more…)
Special Delivery
12:06 — The math-tastic power of Counting by Tens helps Lily, Max, Goo and Sally Scout Monster quickly figure out how many Crabapple Cookies Sally has to deli (more…)
Monster Factory Fiasco
12:06 — The Squad are enlisted by Maker Monster to help count and package up large numbers of toys quickly and accurately.
Monster Road Hockey
12:07 — Garbage Monster calls the Squad and says he needs help making the teams for Monster Road Hockey. They scoot over to where he is, and, using the word D (more…)
Sneeze Freeze
12:06 — The Abominable Fridge Monster has a real problem: he needs to be full of food for his picnic with Mr Cranky Pants Monster, but he can’t fill himself u (more…)
Monster Fang Festival
12:06 — The Squad are asked to be judges at the famous Fang Festival, and they quickly make their way to the local park where the Festival is taking place. Th (more…)
Slime Cream Sundae
12:06 — The Squad get a call from Slime Cream Monster – he needs help counting the Slime Cream Sundaes he’s selling from his truck! Mr Cranky Pants Monster is (more…)
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  • Premiered: May 7, 2012
  • Rating: TV-G
  • Premise: Three monsters employ math skills to overcome problems in this computer-animated series. (more)

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