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A shy and tender rabbit named Mofy learns to deal with the different feelings she experiences.

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Mofy the Poet
05:08 — Mofy wants her friends to read the poem she wrote, but no one pays any attention to her. It seems they all are tied up with their own tasks.
I'm Not Afraid of Ghost!
05:08 — A dark cloud pulls across the sky covering the moon. The wind is so strong that Mofy is too scared to sleep on her own. Mofy climbs out of her nest, c (more…)
Sharing Half
05:08 — Mofy creates a song inspired by the fallen apple, but she feels discouraged for not being able to finish her song. Kerry invites Mofy to come over to (more…)
The Eclipse
05:08 — Mofy and her friends promise to go watch the eclipse together on top of the hill. However, Mofy does not show up on time. Her friends decide to set of (more…)
A Sunbeam
05:08 — It's a beautiful but harsh winter day. In a fluster, Mogu tells Mofy that a little hedgehog has fallen down in a hole and is not able to climb back up (more…)
A Lucky Day
05:08 — Lee and Sioux are looking for acorns in heaps of fallen leaves. They ask Mofy for help to find the acorns, but then Wookey, a chimpanzee, comes along (more…)
The Little Market
05:08 — It's a Swap Market day. Mofy picks up strawberries on her way to her friends, to swap with the presents she chooses for her friends along the way.
The Polite Crow
05:08 — Mogu finds a large black crow. Everyone worries if the crow will eat up all the cherries on the trees. Kerry comes up with an idea of making a scarecr (more…)
A Simple Sunshine Can Make You Happy
05:08 — Mofy is looking for her friends to play together. However, Kerry is busy doing his laundry, Lee and Sioux are collecting acorns, and Mogu is taking a (more…)
The Broken Bagpipe
05:08 — Mofy accidentally breaks Kerry's bagpipe. She leaves Lee and Sioux asking not to tell Kerry about the broken bagpipe and goes to visit Beaver for help (more…)
There Must Be a Prettier Flower Somewhere
05:08 — Mofy decides to decorate her cotton ball house with a pretty flower in the forest. She goes out in the forest with Kerry to find the prettiest flower (more…)
Bad Mood
05:08 — It's Kerry's birthday, but Kerry seems to be in a bad mood because he believes that nobody remembers his birthday.
The Stranger
05:08 — A fox named Foxy comes in a flurry to Mofy and Kerry with the news. It seems there is a stranger in the forest.
The Forest Games of Skill
05:08 — It's the Forest Games of Skill day. Kerry, Mogu, and Squirrels win the Game, but Mofy disappoints herself for not doing very well at the games.
A Squirrel Squabble
05:08 — Lee and Sioux are squabbling about a place where they buried acorns. While Mofy looks troubled to see their squabble, Mogu is trying to fix his tunnel (more…)
05:08 — While Mofy and Kerry are playing in the river, they suddenly hear Lee and Sioux groaning with their toothache.
The Worm
05:08 — Mofy and her friends face a strange incident in the forest. The plant quivers and then disappears all of the sudden, as if it were pulled from undergr (more…)
Keep On Trying
05:08 — Kerry is in a bad mood, because his song was not selected in the competition. Mofy tries to cheer Kerry up, but Kerry starts to get irritated with Mof (more…)
Rules, Rules, Rules
05:08 — Mogu has been eating all of Lee & Sioux's nuts unintentionally. Thus, Lee casts to set rules in the forest and holds a meeting, gathering the member o (more…)
Get Well Soon
05:08 — Mofy receives a letter from the Mice children. The letter says that their mother is not feeling very well and asks Mofy to come visit to cheer up thei (more…)
The Lost Duckling
05:09 — Mofy finds a lost duckling. She decides to help the duckling find his way home. Mofy travels to the pond to find his family.
05:08 — Mofy and Kerry are giving out foods to the animals in the forest, who can't find anything to eat due to the heavy snow. Suddenly they hear a feeble vo (more…)
A Concert
05:08 — Kerry is invited to play in a music concert, but finds that he needs a group to participate. He decides to gather his friends from the forest to form (more…)
The Music Festival
05:09 — It's the Music Festival Day. Mofy convinces Kerry to apply for the contest, and Kerry decides to create a new beautiful sound with his brand new instr (more…)
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  • Premiered: October 19, 2016
  • Rating: None
  • Premise: A shy and tender rabbit named Mofy learns to deal with the different feelings she experiences. (more)

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