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Episode 8 Season 0, Episode 8 Nov 11, 2015 Paid

Stina makes a decision that puts both her and her little sister in danger. Inger Johanne and Ingvar sees the the motive of the killer wide and clear, but disagree on how to proceed. There is one victim left. Who is it and will they get there in time?

Episode 7 Season 0, Episode 7 Nov 4, 2015 Paid

Inger Johanne is getting closer and closer of exposing the killer, but she discovers a horrifying message planted in her home. She is convinced that the key to it all is underneath the black color on the wall. Marcus Ståhl reaches a point where he can no longer hide the truth.

Episode 6 Season 0, Episode 6 Oct 28, 2015 Paid

The noose is tighter than ever around Marcus Ståhls neck, and he is in a very fragile situation. What is he hiding? In the middle of a walkthrough of the offenders M.O., Inger Johanne discovers a frightening connection between the killers profile and her own daughter.

Episode 5 Season 0, Episode 5 Oct 21, 2015 Paid

Ingvar finds a trail that supports Inger Johanne´s theory about the motive for the murders. Inger Johanne remembers something from her time at FBI, that seems to have something to do with the case, maybe the FBI can help her understand what?

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