Miffy's Adventures Big and Small

  • 2015
  • TV Show
  • TV-Y

Based on the children's books by Dutch artist and illustrator Dick Bruna, this stop-motion animated series about a little white bunny deals with issues that affect preschoolers.

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Miffy the Pirate
07:09 — All aboard! Captain Boris is taking the girls on a pirate adventure, complete with sea shanties, desert islands, treasure hunts... and shipwrecks! Oo (more…)
Grunty's Discovery
07:09 — When Grunty says she's seen something very unusual, Farmer John isn't sure whether she is making it up. Miffy has faith in her friend though, and toge (more…)
Dan's Skateboard
07:09 — Dan has a new skateboard, but he's not very confident on it. Fortunately, Miffy and Melanie are here to show him how he's doing it wrong – but for som (more…)
Miffy's Party Dress
07:09 — Miffy loves her special party dress so much, she doesn't want to save it for the summer party and wears it all day long. Unfortunately, there's a lot (more…)
Miffy and the Duckling
07:09 — Miffy is delighted to make friends with a cute baby duckling – but when the duckling won't stop following her, she has to find a way to get her back t (more…)
Dan's Sleepover
07:09 — Dan is going to have his first ever sleepover at Miffy's house, and they're both very excited! So excited, in fact, that Dan's not sure he'll ever ge (more…)
Miffy and the Dragon
07:10 — Uncle Pilot told Miffy her surprise present has 'something to do with dragons.' She thinks it's a dragon egg and sets about trying to hatch it. Fortun (more…)
Miffy and the Leaves
07:10 — A windy day sends leaves flying everywhere. Miffy has fun both tidying them up and chasing after them – and helps finish Aunt Alice's painting along t (more…)
Miffy and the Clouds
07:10 — Miffy goes cloud-watching with Grandma, and they have fun spotting different shapes. Miffy is convinced that one shaped like Snuffy the dog wants them (more…)
Miffy and the Thunderstorm
07:10 — When a storm breaks out as they're playing at Miffy's house, Miffy discovers that Grunty is scared of thunder. Can she convince her friend there's no (more…)
Miffy's Go-Cart
07:10 — Grunty is rude to the new boy Dan when she thinks he has a broken go-cart. But once it snows, it's Grunty and Miffy's go-cart that's useless, and they (more…)
Uncle Pilot's Amazing Plane
07:10 — Uncle Pilot takes Miffy and her friends on an amazing airplane ride without leaving the front room! You can go anywhere with a little imagination – j (more…)
Miffy and the Pancakes
07:09 — Barbara Bear is coming to babysit, hurray! The two girls have lots of fun together, especially when Miffy teaches Barbara how to make pancakes. Let's (more…)
Melanie's School Trip
07:09 — The whole class has gone on a school visit to the farm. Miffy most wants to see the horse, but Melanie seems to want to see everything BUT the horse – (more…)
Grunty the Ballerina
07:09 — Miffy and Melanie are having a ballet lesson. Grunty wants to play, and the others try to teach her some steps without much success – but Grunty's sto (more…)
Miffy and the Crocodile
07:10 — A mix-up with school bags leads to Miffy spending the night with someone else's toy. Instead of her soft teddy bear, she has Dan's snappy crocodile! C (more…)
Miffy's New Kite
07:10 — Miffy wants to fly a kite with her friends, but the kite is broken. A quest to get it repaired proves fruitless, but the people she helped along the w (more…)
Dan's Lost Toy
07:10 — When Dan's new toy goes missing, Miffy helps him hunt for it. Grunty 'just happens' to have found an incredibly similar toy. She doesn't want to accep (more…)
Miffy at the Library
07:10 — Aunt Alice is helping out at the library, which means Miffy and Grunty get to help out too. The girls have a great time playing librarian, although th (more…)
Boris on Ice
07:10 — When Miffy finds out that Boris can't ice skate, she offers to help out. Nothing seems to help – until Miffy realizes that the chair Boris mended for (more…)
Miffy's Lucky Dip
07:10 — Miffy is running a lucky dip stall at the school fair, but when none of her friends pull out anything they want, it seems to be turning into an UN-luc (more…)
Mummy Gets a Surprise
07:10 — Daddy is planning a surprise party for Mummy's birthday. All Miffy has to do is keep her out of the way while they get everything ready – how hard ca (more…)
Snuffy the Sheepdog
07:09 — Miffy's garden is invaded by sheep who've escaped from the farm, and Snuffy lends a paw in getting them rounded up again!
Miffy and the Puddles
09:51 — Miffy can't play outdoors because it's raining, but she finds she can play all her favorite games inside anyway. Plus, now she can play Jumping in Pud (more…)
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  • Premiered: October 2, 2015
  • Rating: TV-Y
  • Premise: Based on the children's books by Dutch artist and illustrator Dick Bruna, this stop-motion animated series about a little white bunny deals with issues that affect preschoolers. (more)

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