• 2006
  • TV Show
  • TV-MA

The animated adventures of the death metal band Dethklok, whose popularity---and stupidity---cause complete chaos wherever they appear.

11:32 — Uncomfortable and embarrassed, Dethklok painfully endures while their parents are in town for a visit. The guys are at first pissed and doubtful when (more…)
11:32 — Depressed, Dethklok is whisked away to the Mississippi Delta to "discover" the Blues.
11:33 — Dethklok travels to the Amazon where they learn about native brutality from the Yannemango Indians, Nathan's ancestors.
11:33 — The band is fed up with Offdenson knowing more than they do. They decide to hire an efficiency expert to tighten up matters at Mordhaus and maximize (more…)
11:33 — Toki Wartooth is fed up playing in the shadow of Skwisgaar's lead guitar. Under the tutelage of a crusty old guitar master, Toki learns that the heart (more…)
The Curse of Dethklok
11:32 — After performing a coffee jingle in the farthest reaches of the Arctic Circle to a sold-out crowd, Dethklok witnesses their French chef being chopped (more…)
Performance Klok
11:33 — Dethklok has a huge fight on stage, which prompts the record label to hire a performance coach to keep the band together. The band falls in love with (more…)
11:33 — The Tribunal commissions Dr. Rockso, the Rock N Roll Clown, to gather information on Dethklok. Dr. Rockso and Toki's sudden friendship has the rest of (more…)
P. R. Pickles
11:34 — Pickles' popularity soars when he gets a personal P.R. agent, prompting the rest of Dethklok to form a rival P.R. firm. Meanwhile, Pickles? P.R. woma (more…)
11:33 — Dr. Rockso, the Rock n Roll Clown, gets help from Dethklok to overcome his cocaine addition and come c-c-c-clean!
11:33 — In an attempt to make their next album the most brutal ever, Dethklok commissions a Russian nuclear submarine to record deep in the Nordic waters. Un (more…)
11:33 — Toki tries to compensate for his adorable charm by over-brutalizing his intentions and actions.
11:33 — When Toki gets news that his dad is dying, he's forced to travel back to his home town in Norway. The rest of the band decides to make a vacation out (more…)
Breakup Klok
11:16 — While the world awaits the final Dethklok performance, members of the band prepare for their post-Dethklok careers. Pickles starts a winery for the mo (more…)
11:33 — It?s Murderface's birthday and the whole band realizes that he's the hardest guy in the world to shop for. Murderface throws himself a party, which h (more…)
Snakes 'n' Barrels
11:32 — Pickles reunites with his old hair band, "Snakes 'n' Barrels", which has the rest of Dethklok worried that their drummer may leave them. When the ten (more…)
11:33 — Murderface searches for a religion after a near-death experience leaves him longing for greater meaning. He samples everything from Christianity to S (more…)
11:33 — William Murderface creates the "Nascar-type Theatrical Hybrid Event" and takes all creative and logistical control upon himself. Nathan and Pickles tr (more…)
11:33 — When Nathan learns that his ex-girlfriend, Rebecca Nightrod, has already found new love while still in a coma, he decides to return to the dating scen (more…)
11:18 — Despite his bandmates' warnings, Nathan begins seriously dating one of his fans. But as the evidence of her past piles up, to prove her innocence, he (more…)
11:17 — Dethklok heads to Tomahawk, Wisconsin to open a Dethfair in hopes that it will stimulate the economy they destroyed. Pickles uses this time at home to (more…)
11:18 — In an effort to make friends, Toki goes to Rockaroonie Fantasy Camp - a weekend getaway to rub elbows with rock and roll royalty (but he attends as a (more…)
Murdering Outside the Box
11:32 — Dethklok has an end of the quarter employee evaluation to find out who's been embezzling from the company. The patronizing evaluation heads off with (more…)
11:29 — Skwisgaar is to host the Skwisgaar Skwigelf Advanced Hand Finger Wizard Master Class Pay Per View Event, to promote the sales of a new guitar line, wh (more…)
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