Melrose Place

Slinky lingerie, rampant lunatics and loves usually gone wrong added up to many a soap fan's favorite campy pleasure. Early ratings were limp until executive producer Aaron Spelling spiced up the proceedings by bringing Heather Locklear and her wicked Amanda to the party, followed by plenty of bed-hopping, backstabbing and cliffhangers to go with the ch (more…)

Melrose Place - Feels So Good
03:48 — Alison and Keith get reacquainted. (My New Partner)
Melrose Place - I Love You
04:12 — Jake's old girlfriend tells him she's HIV positive and it brings Jake and Jo closer together. (The Test)
Melrose Place - Kelly Bails Out Jake
01:51 — Desperate to get her man out of jail, Kelly bails out Jake who comes over to her house to finally thank her. (Friends and Lovers)
Melrose Place - Sounds Like Jealousy
01:49 — Sam and Craig start getting close. (Mission Interpersonal)
Melrose Place - Wily Seduction
02:14 — Jake kicks Brittany out but she uses her charms to extend her stay. (It's a Bad World After All)
Melrose Place - I Do, Round 2
03:37 — Michael and Kimberly renew their vows. (The Circle Of Strife)
Melrose Place - I Want You
02:06 — Amanda suggests Billy move in and he agrees. (Bye Bye Billy)
Melrose Place - All Hell Breaking Loose
01:44 — Jo thinks that Richard tried to kill Jane. (Sydney,Bothered And Bewildered)
Melrose Place - Tired of Taking it Slow
01:54 — Jo seduces Richard. (El Syd)
Melrose Place - New Girl
02:18 — Melrose Place gets a new tenant from New York. (House of God)
Melrose Place - Saved From the Fire
01:51 — Jane rescues Allison and Billy from the fire. (Un-Janed Melody)
Melrose Place - I Don't Care
01:16 — Michael tries to resist his attraction to Megan. (Jane's Addiction)
Melrose Place - Sometimes You Forget
02:17 — When Jane loses her wedding ring she realizes how great married life is. (Lost and Found)
Melrose Place - Missed You So Much
02:14 — Taylor comes on to Peter while he's drunk. (Young Doctors in Heat)
Melrose Place - False Alibi
00:53 — Sydney overhears Kimberly being interrogated while giving information about Michael's attempted murder. (I Am Curious Melrose)
Melrose Place - Going Nowhere
04:02 — Jake is tired of being Jane's lacky and sleeps with someone else. (The Burning Sofa)
Melrose Place - Out to Ruin My Happiness
02:03 — Brooke inherits money but it causes a tear in her relationship with Billy. (Melrose is Like A Box Of Chocolate)
Melrose Place - Gunpoint
01:41 — During a hold-up, Jake is shot. (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang)
Melrose Place - Take a Chance
02:38 — Alison goes on a date with an environmentalist who takes her scuba diving. (Polluted Affairs)
Melrose Place - Playing Victim
01:54 — John threatens Matt and Jo but they take matters in their own hands. (Breakfast at Tiffany's, Dinner at Eight)
Melrose Place - Ground Rules
02:13 — You can cut the sexual tension with a knife during this classic Billy/Alison scene. (Friends and Lovers)
Melrose Place - Entirely Unethical
01:39 — Matt is attracted to his therapist Dan. (Young Doctors in Heat)
Melrose Place - Don't Do It
03:17 — Allison interrupts Bill's wedding and tries to convince her not to marry Brooke. (The Big Bang Theory)
Melrose Place - In Denial
01:23 — Although Michael tells Kimberly the baby is not rightfully theirs, she thinks she can keep it. (Holiday on Ice)
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