Maya the Bee

  • 2012
  • TV Show
  • TV-Y

A curious young bee leaves her hive to explore the outside world, where she befriends other insects and goes on adventures.

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Keep Ball Rolling
11:57 — A fly has stolen Ben's ball to use it as a nest to lay her eggs. Unfortunately, it's the ball Ben wanted to show at the big dung beetle meeting! Maya (more…)
Royal Outing
12:06 — Fed up with the heavy protocol, the Queen decides to leave the hive to visit the meadow. She meets Maya who is thrilled to show the Queen her universe (more…)
Hoverfly Spy
11:53 — Maya makes friends with a Hoverfly (a fly that looks like a wasp). When the wasps steal the honey of a special messenger, Syrphie helps Maya to get it (more…)
Shelby's Dream
11:52 — Shelby dreams about flying. Maya and Willy want to help him to accomplish his dream. But things don’t go as planned...
Flying Licence
11:54 — Judge Beeswax is visiting the hive. He was witness to an accident caused by Maya, and so decides to establish a flying licence. Now the bees have to s (more…)
In Search of the Lost Dung
12:00 — Ben meets Rudy, another dung beetle boy. Both challenge each other to get the most beautiful dung they've ever seen!
Doc Slick
12:07 — Doc Slick is a pedlar who will do anything to seduce the beautiful singer Lady Cricket, even stealing Flip's violin to play it for her! Maya thinks so (more…)
Rainbow Pollen
12:07 — Willy participates in a pollen ball competition and is helped by a black firefly.
No Friends for Dino
11:53 — Maya meets a nice earwig who's a real artist and sculpts everything he sees. But his art is misunderstood by the others who tend to reject him. Maya w (more…)
The Queen Scepter
11:58 — It's the Queen's jubilee. Maya has to decorate the Queen's sceptre! But it disappears in one of Kurt's balls while he is cleaning the meadow. How will (more…)
Sulky Willy
12:00 — After a misunderstanding between Maya and Willy (accused of eating in secret their stack of pollen), Willy sulks! But he finally decides to go alone i (more…)
King Willy
12:01 — Through a combination of circumstances, Willy becomes the very pampered king of a lost aphid heard. But when the aphids really need their king to prot (more…)
The Haunted Hive
11:56 — The hive is haunted! Maya discovers it's a little moth who hides in the basements.
Willy Guards the Hive
12:07 — Like all bees, Willy has to learn how to be a guard of the hive... but this is the moment Beeswax and the wasps decide to pay them a visit!
No Sleep for Maya
12:05 — A loud noise keeps the whole meadow from sleeping, prompting Maya and Willy to investigate. They find Chris the cricket, who is just trying to invite (more…)
Night of the Giants
12:00 — Maya and Willy help a stag beetle in its last fight, but Pat the cricket is determined to make him lose...
The Big Bad Earwing
11:52 — Maya and Willy are on the track of the "big bad earwig", who is said to be prowling the meadow at night. They will discover it is just the sensitive a (more…)
Thank You Wasps
11:53 — Maya and Willy help Flip who feels weak and really needs pear juice. But only wasps can cut peaches...
Judge Beeswax
12:00 — Judge Beeswax inspects the hive and discovers that Maya lives outside. He decides to banish her from the hive and the meadow, believing her lifestyle (more…)
Sleeping Beauty
12:00 — It is the day of the great pollen Harvest, but Maya and Willy have accidentally put the whole hive to sleep! Now they have to ask all their friends to (more…)
Max Has a Crush
11:58 — Max has a crush on a beautiful caterpillar. Helped by Maya, he tries to become her friend and spend some time with her. But suddenly, she disappears.. (more…)
Ring-a Ring-a Caterpillar
11:57 — Maya meets a colony of oak-procession-moths crossing the meadow. She tries to help them find the right direction to their nest as they're very dangero (more…)
Misleading Appearances
12:07 — Maya and Willy meet a nice caterpillar called Momo but he metamorphoses into a dead head hawk moth and attacks the hive and starts emptying the honey. (more…)
Bless You Miss Cassandra
11:58 — Miss Cassandra has become allergic and can't work at the hive anymore. Maya will help her to find out why she's allergic and try to cure her.
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  • Premiered: September 22, 2012
  • Rating: TV-Y
  • Premise: A curious young bee leaves her hive to explore the outside world, where she befriends other insects and goes on adventures.