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Season 2 Episode Guide

15 Episodes 1980 - 1981

Episode 1

The Dirtiest Girls in Town

Tue, Dec 30, 1980 60 mins

Lobo (Claude Akins) and his deputies investigate a female mud-wrestling club that's fleecing customers of their credit cards. Chambers: Richard Anderson. Perkins: Mills Watson. Lorrie: Philece Sampler. Birdie: Brian Kerwin. Coleen: Debi Ritcher. Carson: Nicholas Coster. Hildy: Nell Carter.

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Episode 2

The Girls with the Stolen Bodies

Tue, Jan 6, 1981 60 mins

Lobo investigates when Perkins (Mills Watson), hospitalized for a minor wound, reportedly dies on the operating table. Claude Akins. Brandy: Tara Buckman. Birdie: Brian Kerwin. Alison: Loyita Chapel. Carson: Nicholas Coster. Sandy: Sondra Currie. Hildy: Nell Carter. Dawn: Tori Lysdahl. Peaches: Amy Botwinick.

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Episode 3

The Fastest Women Around

Tue, Jan 20, 1981 60 mins

Lobo (Claude Akins) and his deputies try to infiltrate a ring of car thieves who bait their victims with beautiful women. Logan: George Loros. Perkins: Mills Watson. Sherman: Peter Mark Richman. Birdie: Brian Kerwin. Shirley: Jeannie Wilson.

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Episode 4

Macho Man

Tue, Jan 20, 1981 60 mins

Birdie (Brian Kerwin) poses nude for a magazine centerfold to investigate the murder of two models. Lobo: Claude Akins. Sheila: Tricia O'Neil. Perkins: Mills Watson. Joel: Scott Wells. Carson: Nicholas Coster. Jackie: Anne Bloom. Hildy: Nell Carter.

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Episode 5

Airsick, 1981

Tue, Feb 3, 1981 60 mins

While transporting a criminal by airplane, Lobo and Birdie's flight is taken over by a hijacker and a bomber. Claude Murdock. Perkins: Mills Watson. Dreyfuss: Peter Hobbs.

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Episode 6

Coeds with Sticky Fingers

Tue, Feb 10, 1981 60 mins

Lobo (Claude Akins) and his deputies investigate a rash of house burglaries linked by the presence of a baby sitter prior to the crime. Shelly: Coleen Riley. Birdie: Brian Kerwin. Meeker: Reni Santoni. Perkins: Mills Watson. Brandy: Tara Buckman.

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Episode 7

Sex and the Single Cop

Tue, Feb 17, 1981 60 mins

Lobo and Hildy (Claude Akins, Nell Carter) pose as husband and wife at a sex-therapy clinic whose former patients are committing suicide. Morgan: Jay Infram. Christie: Lorrie Mahaffey. Perkins: Mills Watson.

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Episode 8

Another Day, Another Bomb

Tue, Feb 24, 1981 60 mins

A mad bomber cites his love for America as the reason he's bombing it; and Chief Carson (Nicholas Coster) is held hostage by a mother whose baby is a robbery suspect. Lobo: Claude Akins. Harley: Sid Caesar.

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Episode 9

The French Follies Caper

Tue, Mar 3, 1981 60 mins

Lobo (Claude Akins) suspects there's more than meets the eye to a sexy French Follies show whose manager has hired two thugs to do his dirty work. Perkins: Mills Watson. Conti: Burr DeBenning. Birdie: Brian Kerwin. Kate: Belinda J. Montgomery. Hilda: Nell Ruth Carter. Frank: Douglas Dirkson.

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Episode 10

Bang Bang, You're Dead

Tue, Mar 24, 1981 60 mins

Perkins (Mills Watson) becomes the only witness against a hit man who's an expert at making witnesses disappear. Kelbo: Bill McKinney. Lobo: Claude Akins. Kathleen: Gretchen Corbett. Birdie: Brian Kerwin. Margaret: Susan Powell.

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Episode 11

The Cowboy Connection

Tue, Mar 31, 1981 60 mins

Lobo (Claude Akins) and his men disguise themselves as a country band to infiltrate a jewel-smuggling ring. Kitty: Barbi Benton. Birdie: Brian Kerwin. Jeff: Bobby Sherman. Hildy: Nell Carter. Doctor: Dr. Joyce Brothers. Perkins: Mills Watson. Hobbs: Rory Calhoun.

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Episode 12

What're Girls Like You Doing in a Bank Like This?

Tue, Apr 7, 1981 60 mins

While cashing a check, Chief Carson (Nicolas Coster) is shot and taken hostage by two beautiful bank robbers. Lobo: Claude Akins. Tess: Adrienne La Russa. Jamie: Jennifer Holmes. Perkins: Mills Watson.

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Episode 13

Lobo and the Pirates

Tue, Apr 21, 1981 60 mins

A record company turns its biggest profit from the tax-free sale of surplus records to bootleggers. Claude Akins. Jo: Beth Schaffel. Perkins: Mills Watson. Birdie: Brian Kerwin. Jessica: Lynnette Mettey.

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Episode 14

The Roller Disco Karate Kaper

Tue, Apr 28, 1981 60 mins

Lobo (Claude Akins) and his men face karate trained killers when they investigate a fraudulent charity operation. Leslie: Rosalind Chao. Birdie: Brian Kerwin. Anna: Helen Funai. Perkins: Mills Watson.

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Episode 15

Keep on Buckin'

Tue, May 5, 1981 60 mins

When a bronc rider is shot, Lobo (Claude Akins) and his men infiltrate the rodeo disguised as roustabouts to find the criminal. Willy: Bob Neill. Perkins: Mills Watson. Jake: Gerald McRaney. Birdie: Brian Kerwin. Archie: Duncan Gamble. Brandy: Tara Buckman. Julie: Ellen Bry.

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