Life After People

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A 10-part series speculating what Earth would be like if humans were no longer present.

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Life After People Trailer
00:32 — Download the FREE iphone App! Series premieres Tuesday, April 21 at 10pm ET on HISTORY. This new series goes beyond the 2008 spec (more…)
Season 2: Life After People: Season 2 Trailer
01:07 — From animal outbreaks to massive structural collapses to hordes of toxins and chemicals unleashed across the globe, LIFE AFTER PEOPLE: THE COMPLETE SE (more…)
Alaskan Pipeline
04:11 — The transatlantic pipeline in Alaska carries 380 million gallons of oil at any given moment. Without anyone to maintain it, devastating accidents and (more…)
Lost Art
03:43 — There's no one left to preserve the worlds artistic masterworks from caving in on themselves...or being eaten alive.
10,000+ Years After People
03:32 — Watch what happens to a world after people, 10,000 years and beyond.
American Pastime
03:49 — After people disappear, the only things still competing in these American ballparks are bats, vines and buckthorn.
Death of A Nation
03:25 — America's most valuable symbols of freedom and democracy are no match for Mother Nature.
North Brother Island
01:48 — Built in the 1880s, North Brother Island used to house quarantined patients and recovering drug addicts. In this Life After People video, see how 45 y (more…)
Decay at the Amusement Park
01:45 — In 2002, this Ohio Valley Amusement Park was essentially abandoned. This extended scene from Life After People shows us what nature has done to an ele (more…)
The Gherkin Building
03:48 — The Gherkin Building in London is made up of 745 double layers of glass panels that let in so much natural light that heating and lighting the buildin (more…)
Capitol Records
03:32 — Los Angeles' famous Capitol Records Building houses the most perfectly built acoustics chambers in the world. Even after the building itself collapses (more…)
Tyneham, England
02:05 — Hidden in the hills of Southern England, the village of Tyneham was abandoned in 1943 when the British government took over the land to use it as a mi (more…)
Shaky Bridges
04:05 — Snapping cables send these once vital links of commerce crashing into the frigid waters below.
Tallest Buildings
04:02 — Natural disasters and weak steel flatten skylines across the globe.
Centralia, Pennsylvania
02:21 — A massive coal fire has been burning in Centralia, Pennsylvania since the early 1960s. In the 1980s, the town was abandoned for safety reasons. See wh (more…)
Niagara Falls
04:09 — Shared by the United States and Canada, Niagara Falls was one of the more visited tourist sites in the world. One of these countries, however, won't b (more…)
Air Force One
04:06 — Air Force one, the most recognized plane in the world, sits empty on the tarmac of Andrews Air Force Base. Watch as the technology that once made this (more…)
Sydney Opera House
03:53 — The Sydney Opera House is one of the most iconic buildings in the world because of its magnificent shell-shaped roof. The opera house's roof, unfortun (more…)
New Orleans
01:58 — 4 years after Hurrican Katrina, many buildings and streets in the city of New Orleans remain abandoned. From houses to basketball courts, see nature's (more…)
04:58 — NORAD, The North American Aerospace Defense Command, was a fortress-like building used during the Cold War to coordinate the nation's response to a nu (more…)
The Stahl House
02:22 — High in the Hollywood hills, the Stahl house is made entirely of glass and steel. While the steel frames help the house survive unkempt wildfires, the (more…)
Leonardo da Vinci
03:09 — Painted by Leonardo DaVinci in the 15th century, the Last Supper has been meticulously maintained through restorations and the installment of an advan (more…)
Grant's Tomb
05:12 — Former Civil War General Ulysses S. Grant was once the most famous man in the world. More than 1 million people attended his mausoleum dedication. The (more…)
Palm Springs Tramway
02:47 — The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway stretches a mile from the desert floor to a mountain peak 8,500 feet above sea level. One rusty wire, however, and thi (more…)
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  • Premise: A 10-part series speculating what Earth would be like if humans were no longer present. (more)

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