Liberty's Kids

  • 2002
  • TV Show
  • TV-Y7

Two teen apprentices to Benjamin Franklin witness Revolutionary War events in this celebrity-studded animated series aimed at 7 to 12-year-olds. Voices include Billy Crystal (John Adams), Michael Douglas (Patrick Henry), Whoopi Goldberg (Deborah Sampson), Dustin Hoffman (Benedict Arnold), Arnold Schwarzenegger (Baron Von Steuben), Sylvester Stallone (Pa (more…)

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Allies At Last Trailer
01:45 — James learns about religious freedom from Moses Michael Hayes while Sarah and Henri are in occupied Philadelphia. In Paris, Benjamin Franklin finally (more…)
Bunker Hill Trailer
01:36 — With little ammunition, the Americans are ordered "Don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes" in the first major battle of the war. Sarah sea (more…)
Green Mountain Boys Trailer
01:42 — James heads to the Grants to cover the story of the settlers' struggle; Sarah goes hoping to find a place in the Green Mountains for her family to set (more…)
Sybil Ludington Trailer
01:46 — James learns from the courageous Sybil Ludington that the thought of independence lies not only in the hearts of soldiers and determined young men, bu (more…)
The Turtle Trailer
01:57 — The kids think they've spotted a sea monster in New York harbor, but it turns out to be a new submersible craft invented by David Bushnell. James talk (more…)
The Great Galvez Trailer
01:53 — Sarah is in London with her mother and is having doubts about belonging there. In the end, she finally decides she is an American. Meanwhile, James an (more…)
Lafayette Arrives Trailer
01:49 — The Marquis de Lafayette, strongly sympathetic to the American cause, arrives in Philadelphia seeking a commission from the Continental Congress, insi (more…)
Not Yet Begun To Fight Trailer
01:47 — Sarah's ship is wrecked on its way to England, and its passengers are rescued by American Naval Commander John Paul Jones. Off the coast of England, J (more…)
Benedict Arnold Trailer
01:53 — James, Sarah and Henri are present when Benedict Arnold tries to hand West Point over to the British. Arnold's plot is uncovered, however, when his ac (more…)
Going Home Trailer
01:58 — Sarah goes to New York to get the story of the fate of the loyalists. Moses helps Cato travel to New York, where Cato departs for Nova Scotia with Mrs (more…)
United We Stand Trailer
01:56 — Moses lets James report on Congress, and after a British soldier is "tarred and feathered," James learns about the ugliness of mob rule, when emotions (more…)
Across The Delaware Trailer
01:53 — James knows a secret about a captured spy named John Honeyman, butg he can't tell anyone- not even Sarah. Using the element of surprise, General Washi (more…)
A New Frontier Trailer
01:38 — Sarah decides to go off into the wild Ohio frontier to find her father. While she's there, some friendly Native Americans offer assistance. An English (more…)
The Man Who Wouldn't Be King Trailer
01:38 — In Newburgh, New York, some members of Washington's officer corps want him to become King, but Washington puts down the revolt. James tells Sarah and (more…)
The Hessians Are Coming Trailer
01:24 — James witnesses the American victory at Saratoga from a unique point of view when he spends it lashed to a Hessian soldier. Sarah sees Benedict Arnold (more…)
The First Fourth Of July Trailer
01:58 — The Second Continental Congress meets in Philadelphia and finally passes a motion calling for the colonies to be independent from Great Britain. Thoma (more…)
Honor And Compromise Trailer
01:39 — Henri befriends Abraham Nimham. Sarah and Moses watch Congress debate over the Articles of Confederation.
American Crisis Trailer
01:58 — Battlefield setbacks, the questioning of George Washington's leadership from his own generals, and the flight of Congress from Philadelphia to Baltimo (more…)
The Boston Tea Party Trailer
02:00 — At the direction of their emplyer Benjamin Franklin, Moses, James and Henri travel to Boston in search of Sarah, who has just arrived on a tea-laden s (more…)
Postmaster General Franklin Trailer
01:52 — When the Philadelphia patriots find out that some of their mail isn't being delivered to the right people by the British-controlled postal service, Ja (more…)
Deborah Samson: Soldier Of The Revolution Trailer
01:10 — Sarah meets the courageous Deborah Samson, who masquerades as a man so she can fight with the Continental Army. James and Henri witness a disagreement (more…)
Common Sense Trailer
01:54 — James, Sarah and Henri meet Thomas Paine and learn of his belief that the common man can rule himself. The kids also hear Paine's stand favoring full (more…)
The Second Continental Congress Trailer
01:50 — Desperate for information on what Congress is doing behind the closed doors of The Statehouse, James unknowingly befriends a British spy. Sarah and Mo (more…)
In Praise Of Ben Trailer
01:04 — Sarah returns to Philadelphia and is reunited with Moses, James and Henri. Henri gets into a scrape with a Tory boy when the Tory makes disparaging co (more…)
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  • Premiered: September 2, 2002
  • Rating: TV-Y7
  • Premise: Two teen apprentices to Benjamin Franklin witness Revolutionary War events in this celebrity-studded animated series aimed at 7 to 12-year-olds. Voices include Billy Crystal (John Adams), Michael Douglas (Patrick Henry), Whoopi Goldberg (Deborah Sampson),… (more)

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