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Late Show's Brain Bites: Bracketology Edition
02:01 — Late Show writer Django Gold fills you in on the the year's biggest college basketball tournament.
Aparna Nancherla Found Instagram's 'Mute' Button
06:44 — Stand-up comedian Aparna Nancherla found the 'mute' button on Instagram and went wild with power.
The Electoral College Basketball Tournament
01:04 — Get some last-minute tips for your Democratic Presidential March Madness bracket.
Sen. Doug Jones Could Be Challenged By Jeff Sessions
07:45 — Senator Doug Jones (D-AL) knows what's going up on billboards in Alabama if Jeff Sessions ever challenges his seat.
Paul Giamatti Does His Own S&M Stunts
09:16 — 'Billions' is more than just a role for Paul Giamatti. It's also an education in erotic sadomasochism.
Just One Question With Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez
03:10 — Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez holds a late-night town hall where all the questions come from Late Show staffers.
Elizabeth Warren: Get Rid Of The Electoral College
04:39 — While one Democratic presidential hopeful wants to eliminate the Electoral College, another would get rid of routine infantile circumcision.
The Mueller Probe Might Be Maybe Ending Soon, Possibly
05:09 — As the media anxiously awaits Mueller's report, even the most trivial actions taken by the Office of the Special Counsel are portrayed as breaking new (more…)
The President Meets 'The Trump Of The Tropics'
05:19 — The White House played host to Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro on Tuesday, the world leader known internationally as 'the Trump of the Tropics.'
Meanwhile... J.K. Rowling Shares Unwanted Details
04:14 — Meanwhile... everything you never wanted to know about Albus Dumbledore's sex life.
Nunes Is Suing Twitter For Being Mean
07:24 — Rep. Devin Nunes is taking legal action against Twitter for allowing accounts to mock him. In other words, he's suing Twitter for being... Twitter?
Nico Parker Thought Oprah Was 'Queen Of The World'
05:35 — 'Dumbo' star Nico Parker has lived a large portion of her life believing that Oprah Winfrey was an actual queen.
Space Is Bad For Herpes Flare-Ups
01:18 — In space, no one can hear you scream. But they can totally see that cold sore.
What Chris Hayes Likes About 2020 Town Halls
06:41 — What 'All In' host Chris Hayes enjoys about town halls is that, unlike one-on-one interviews, the format allows potential 2020 candidates to speak dir (more…)
Chris Hayes: Welcome To Twitter, Devin Nunes
06:36 — 'All In' host Chris Hayes finds Devin Nunes' lawsuit against Twitter to be 'gross,' considering that America is partially founded upon the people's ri (more…)
'Woman' by Karen O & Danger Mouse
03:56 — The legendary Spike Jonze returns to the Ed Sullivan Theater to direct this LIVE music video for 'Woman' by Karen O & Danger Mouse, off their new albu (more…)
The President Thinks He Runs Fox News
04:13 — In a 12-hour span, Donald Trump tweeted 29 times about topics ranging from Fox News, SNL, and a new conspiracy theory that late-night shows are collud (more…)
Mick Mulvaney Asks 'How Many Times?'
00:49 — Mr. Owl has an answer for Mick Mulvaney's question: How many times do we have to say, "President Trump is not a white supremacist?"
Biden's Accidental 2020 Announcement
04:28 — Joe Biden is running for president. Oops! We mean: Joe Biden WOULD be running for president.
Lupita Nyong'o Has Eyes For Stephen
08:51 — 'Us' star Lupita Nyong'o doesn't like to BE scared, but she likes TO scare. And it's working.
Stephen's Heart Goes Out To New Zealand
02:31 — Stephen Colbert offers his sympathies to the people of New Zealand and the Muslim community all around the world.
Vicky Ward: Only Melania Can Say 'No' To Ivanka
05:48 — 'Kushner Inc.' author Vicky Ward says that with Steve Bannon and General Kelly out of the White House, the only person left who's willing to tell Ivan (more…)
All New Zealand Asked Trump For Was 'Love'
07:14 — The only thing New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern asked of President Trump was to 'send sympathy and love for all Muslim communities.'
01:06 — Stephen Colbert enjoyed another delightful week at The Late Show thanks to visits from friends like Christine Baranski, Ian McShane, Andrew Rannells P (more…)
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