Why Do Willem Dafoe's Characters Always Die?
01:20 — James asks Willem Dafoe about his impressive roster in films and wonders why many of Willem's roles end up with his characters dead by the end of the (more…)
The Starman Now Drives a Red Tesla
06:06 — James looks at the news of the day, including SpaceX's launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket, sending a very special payload into orbit, and a Girl Scout (more…)
Margot Robbie's Date Tonya Harding Owned the Globes
04:16 — James asks Margot Robbie about all the accolades for making and starring in "I, Tanya" and learns Margot brought Tanya Harding to the Golden Globes an (more…)
Philadelphia Lost Its Mind Over the Super Bowl
05:20 — James recaps the news of the weekend, including the Philadelphia Eagles winning their first Super Bowl title, launching the city into madness after th (more…)
This Is the Most-Viewed Monologue In History
04:46 — James looks at the news of the day, including President Donald Trump's claim his first State of the Union was the most-viewed in history (it wasn't).
Pete Holmes Prefers '50 Shades' with Giggle Sticks
02:25 — James asks Pete Holmes about he and his wife's tradition of watching the '50 Shades' films on Valentine's Day at the theater after smoking what Jamie (more…)
Jamie Dornan Used to Live with 'Desperate' Eddie Redmayne
01:33 — James asks '50 Shades' star Jamie Dornan about living with Eddie Redmayne early in their careers and learns they were anxious, even desperate, to get (more…)
The State of the Union Needs an Emotional Support Peacock
04:22 — James looks at a roundup of the news including a recap of President Donald Trump's first State of the Union, the CDC director resigning and an airport (more…)
Lisa Kudrow Heard Lindsay Lohan Wants to Do 'The Comeback'
01:11 — James asks Lisa Kudrow about her show, The Comeback, and learns that a discussion on Twitter led to Lindsay Lohan volunteering herself for a role on t (more…)
Hillary Clinton Bailed James Corden Out for the GRAMMYs
04:25 — Fresh off hosting the GRAMMY Awards, James Corden explains what moves he had to pull off to make the "Fire and Fury" auditions clip happen, and how Hi (more…)
JK Simmons' Relationship with His Wife Began with a Stubbed Toe
03:11 — James asks JK Simmons and Helen Mirren about meeting their spouses while acting and learns JK Simmons had a painful beginning to meeting his wife, and (more…)
Drop the Mic w/ Helen Mirren
07:10 — James Corden enters the arena to battle against Helen Mirren in Drop the Mic and Helen reminds James her credentials run laps around The Late Late Sho (more…)
Luke Evans Paid a Visit to Salt Bae's Restaurant
01:09 — A very jealous James demands every detail from Luke Evans' visit to Salt Bae's restaurant in Miami, and can't help but dream of his own night in Nusr- (more…)
Martin Short Has Worked with Some Foul Breath
01:38 — James asks Martin Short if he ever couldn't quite gel with a co-star and learns Martin once starred with an actress who had unthinkably offensive brea (more…)
The State of Our Uniom Is Stromg
04:05 — James looks at the news of the day, including a typo on tickets for President Donald Trump's first State of the Union.
Shad Moss Watches His GRAMMYs Flub for First Time
03:06 — The pre-show host explains his two awkward GRAMMY introductions and reacts to the video.
Matthew Broderick Braves NYC as a Biker
02:15 — James asks Matthew Broderick about his comfort level with bicycling around New York City and learns pedestrians aren't so helpful during a fall.
(Trump's an) ***hole w/ Denis Leary
03:55 — Denis Leary and James Corden dress up as Bill and Hillary Clinton and modify the words of Denis' classic song "***hole" to pay homage to Donald Trump' (more…)
Glamming It Up w/ Amy Landecker & Taye Diggs
02:01 — James asks Amy Landecker and Taye Diggs about the transformations required to go into character for Transparent and Hedwig & the Angry Inch, respectiv (more…)
Nuzzle Waaa? with Nick Offerman, Ellie Kemper & Thomas Middleditch
04:50 — James and his guests take turns putting on blindfolds and using their faces to figure out what mystery item is before them.
No Legal Weed for You, Ohio
05:23 — James recaps the results of the 2015 midterm elections, including legal marijuana failing in Ohio and LGBT discrimination passing in Houston.
Your Dating App/Condom Guide
02:50 — After looking at a Chipotle promotion he finds suspect, James rates the online dating options by how many condoms you'll need.
James Corden's Tip of the Day for Bill O'Reilly
04:19 — After James recaps the second night of the Democratic National Convention and Donald Trump inviting Russia to hack Hillary Clinton, he offers a very s (more…)
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