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Episode 66 Season 2, Episode 66 Subscription

El Diablo's men attack the house where Venus Angel and Ana are but they escape. Griselda enters the jail to kill El Diablo and he offers a deal.

Episode 65 Season 2, Episode 65 Feb 23, 2014 Subscription

The lawyer pretends to be involved with El Diablo so she can contact his other lawyers. Venus finds Griselda's house and takes drastic measures.

Episode 64 Season 2, Episode 64 Feb 23, 2014 Subscription

Griselda asks Robert to see if El Diablo is still alive. The Mexican president states that El Diablo tried to escape and was sent to a secure area.

Episode 63 Season 2, Episode 63 Subscription

El Diablo escapes and sends photos of Ana to Griselda to show he knows where she is. Venus and Ángel raise Ana for 5 years but she asks for Griselda.