LA to Vegas

  • 2018
  • TV Show
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A group of underdogs fly from L.A. to Las Vegas in hopes of winning big at a casino in this ensemble workplace comedy.

Training Day Trailer
00:15 — Ronnie, Bernard and Captain Dave are struggling at "Jackpot College" flight training, until they prove that when it comes to real-world flight emergen (more…)
Ronnie & Bernard Try To Impress Jack Silver from "Jack Silver"
01:11 — Ronnie and Bernard try to impress Jack but end up arguing about who is the better flight attendant.
The Crew Meets The Famous Jack Silver from "Jack Silver"
01:20 — Captain Dave, Ronnie, and Bernard finally meet Jack Silver.
Captain Dave, Ronnie & Bernard Wait For Jack Silver from "Jack Silver"
01:07 — Captain Dave, Ronnie and Bernard eagerly await for the owner of Jackpot Airlines.
Jack Silver Gives Captain Dave Life Advice from "Jack Silver"
01:46 — Jack Silver gives Captain Dave advice and asks what his dreams are.
Jack Silver Trailer
00:20 — The eccentric owner of Jackpot Airlines, Jack Silver (guest star Don Johnson), is on the flight to Vegas, but when he discovers he'll be arrested upon (more…)
Colin Chats With Ronnie's Date from "Bernard's Birthday"
00:48 — Things get awkward when Colin has a talk with Ronnie's date.
Captain Dave Tells A Gross Joke from "Bernard's Birthday"
00:41 — Not only is Alan disappointed Captain Dave can't go to his bowling match, but he's not too fond of his jokes either.
Artem Knows Nichole's Secret from "Bernard's Birthday"
00:45 — Nichole tells Artem why she can't tell her mother her secret.
Nichole Lies To Her Mother from "Bernard's Birthday"
00:44 — Nichole tells her mother that her and Captain Dave are dating.
Bernard Talks About His Birthday Party from "Bernard's Birthday"
00:48 — Ronnie & Bernard talk about his amazing birthday parties.
Bernard's Birthday Trailer
00:15 — At Bernard's fabulous Bible-themed birthday party, Ronnie is jealous when Colin flirts with a woman who looks a lot like his ex-wife. Meanwhile, Nicho (more…)
Colin, Nicole & Artem Gate Gets Busy from "Overbooked"
00:36 — Colin, Nicole & Artem gate gets busy while they wait for their flight.
Bernard & Ronnie Talk About Her Dating Life from "Overbooked"
01:14 — Bernard and Ronnie talk about her dating life and going on a first date with a guy she recently met.
Ronnie Makes An Announcement That The Flight Is Overbooked from "Overbooked"
01:09 — Ronnie makes an announcement about the plane being overbooked and makes an offer to the passengers.
Colin Interrupts Bryan & Ronnie's Plane Date from "Overbooked"
01:05 — Colin interrupts Bryan & Ronnie's plane date and they find out the flight is overbooked.
Bryan Surprises Ronnie On The Plane from "Overbooked"
00:57 — Bryan surprises Ronnie on the plane and offers to have their first date.
Overbooked Trailer
00:15 — When the flight is overbooked, the crew must find a way to get passengers to give up their seats without using force. Nichole makes a killing selling (more…)
Captain Dave Shows Ronnie Parking Lot B from "Parking Lot B"
00:38 — Captain Dave doesn't live in a typical house.
Bernard Lays Down The Law from "Parking Lot B"
00:53 — Bernard has quite a few rules for Ronnie when she stays with him.
Captain Dave Wants To Help Ronnie from "Parking Lot B"
01:30 — Things didn't work out when Ronnie tried to stay with Bernard so Captain Dave has another solution.
Colin Is Bummed About His Low Professor Review from "Parking Lot B"
00:41 — Colin doesn't like that he was rated so low on a professor review.
Ronnie Stays With Captain Dave from "Parking Lot B"
00:55 — Captain Dave shows Ronnie around his digs.
Ronnie Got Evicted from "Parking Lot B"
01:12 — Ronnie got evicted and is living out of a garbage bag of clothes.
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  • Premiered: January 2, 2018
  • Rating: None
  • Premise: A group of underdogs fly from L.A. to Las Vegas in hopes of winning big at a casino in this ensemble workplace comedy. (more)

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