• 2012
  • TV Show
  • TV-MA

A young boy is caught in a psychic war with seven kings.

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(Sub) Kings Season 2, Episode 13 Dec 24, 2015 Subscription

Shiro and Neko finally make it to the level where Hisui awaits them. Determined to free the world from the Slates’ influence, Shiro activates his final plan to destroy the Dresden Slates once and for all.

(Sub) Knuckle Bump Season 2, Episode 12 Dec 17, 2015 Subscription

Fushimi risks his life to clear the path for the Red and Silver Clans to enter the Green Clan’s secret base. Realizing that Fushimi was on their side all along, Yata races to save his former friend.

(Sub) Kali-yuga Season 2, Episode 11 Dec 10, 2015 Subscription

JUNGLE releases the Dresden Slates’ true power to evolve mankind. As chaos spreads across the world, Munakata and Zenjo head to the site where they believe the Green Clan is hiding.

(Sub) Keystone Season 2, Episode 10 Dec 3, 2015 Subscription

Fushimi is welcomed into JUNGLE as its newest J-Rank Clansman. Meanwhile, the prime minister strips Munakata of his authority and position as captain of SCEPTER 4.