Jurassic Fight Club

  • 2008
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A series exploring the prehistoric world's fiercest predators includes the examination of excavation sites that reveal battles.

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Cannibal Dinosaur Trailer
01:20 — On the island of Madagascar, one of the most terrifying predators of its time-- Majungatholus-- attacks a female of the species who is more interested (more…)
Biggest Killers Trailer
01:49 — After studying some of the most monstrous dinosaurs ever imagined, from the Utahraptor to the gargantuan Tyrannosaurus rex, scientists reveal the kill (more…)
Hunter Becomes Hunted Trailer
01:09 — In a Colorado quarry, the bones of two super predators, Ceratosaurus and Allosaurus, lay side by side with the gashed bones of two docile herbivores. (more…)
Jurassic Fight Club Trailer
02:01 — For over a century, historians and scientists have been piecing together a history of the prehistoric world. This series examines the ultimate fighter (more…)
Raptor Vs. T-Rex Trailer
01:20 — The mummified skin and bones of a duckbilled Edmontosaurus unearthed in the South Dakota Badlands reveal compelling evidence of a vicious attack by no (more…)
Ice Age Monsters Trailer
01:49 — In a Wyoming cave, the simultaneous discovery of the remains of a Giant Short-Faced Bear and a Mega Lion, two of the largest predatory mammals of Nort (more…)
Deep Sea Killers Trailer
01:01 — Millions of years ago, Megaladon was the apex predator of the seas. Evidence shows that it roamed every ocean on Earth, but a discovery in 1992 uncove (more…)
Armageddon Trailer
01:47 — When an asteroid the size of Mt. Everest slams into the Earth with the force of one million nuclear bombs, it sets ablaze the entire biomass, killing (more…)
Gang Killers Trailer
01:10 — A pack of deadly Deinonychus raptors with razor-sharp claws takes on Tenontosaurus, a creature more than twice the raptor's size.
River Of Death Trailer
01:02 — On a battleground in ancient Canada, an entire herd of plant-eating Pachyrhinosaurus die in a single event. The attackers: a pair of fierce, agile, an (more…)
Jurassic Fight Club Season 1
They were the ultimate fighters; ancient beasts who walked the earth millions of years ago. With cunning and strategy, they hunted their prey; transfo (more…)
Defensive Weapons
01:46 — Prey dinosaurs had their own measures of defense against attack.
Most Lethal Dinosaur
01:07 — Before T-Rex there was Allosaurus, perhaps the most lethal of all dinosaurs
Dino Recognition
01:18 — Dinosaurs had unique features that helped them recognize one another
What Color Were Dinosaurs?
01:29 — Dinosaurs may have had colors similar to modern animals
Offensive Weapons
01:53 — Predatory dinosaurs had lethal weapons meant to inflict maximum damage.
Did Dinosaurs Hunt in Packs?
01:05 — New findings show that some dinosaurs hunted in packs.
01:06 — For land locked dinosaurs, inbreeding was a major problem
How Did Dinosaurs Hear?
01:38 — Hearing was an important key to survival for all dinosaurs.
Dinosaur Forensics
01:14 — Modern forensics shed new light on dinosaur behavior.
How Did Dinosaurs See?
01:34 — Some dinosaurs had powerful eyesight as good as an eagle.

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  • Premiered: July 29, 2008
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  • Premise: A series exploring the prehistoric world's fiercest predators includes the examination of excavation sites that reveal battles. (more)

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