Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot

  • 1967
  • TV Show
  • None

A boy uses his giant robot to fight mechanized villains.

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Dragon, the Ninja Monster Season 1, Episode 6 Paid

A monster called Dorogon swallows a jet plane of the Commonwealth of Sordia when it is flying and an atomic submarine of Furenkov Republic when it is under the sea. Without knowing the truth, the President of Sordia and the Premier of Furenkov lay the blame on each other. It was Emperor's Guillotine's plot to make the two countries fight and to enlarge it into a world war. The leaders of the Unicorn branches all over the world decide to have a secret conference to make peace between the two countries. Disgusing himself as head of Canada branch, Spider goes to the place of the conference, a villa on an uninhabited island, with his men and a bag containing a time bomb. In the garden of the villa, Daisaku (Johnny Sokko) overhears Spider's men talking and with the help of Giant Robo set out to stop them.

The Gigantic Claw Season 1, Episode 5 Paid

Dr. Tadokora develops QQV, a super-excellent transparent metal. He tests it and QQV endures all the attacks of Giant Robot. BF gang watch the experiments using TV cameras and try to rob the specifications of QQV. BF agents disguise themselves as Unicorn agents and sneak into the lab where the secrets are hidden. They succeed and rob an attache case but are pursued by Juro and Daisaku (JohnnySokko). The BF gang orders Gunger to attack Juro and Daisaku who also mobilize Giant Robot to counter attack.