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Episode 6 Season 0, Episode 6 Mar 17, 2016 Paid

Jack is in the frame for Pastor Rob's murder, despite Barry's efforts to buy him time to solve the case. Worried about how an arrest might affect the horse race, Harry has Jack stay with him. Back in Manila, Linda finally gets her interview, but under hostile circumstances.

Episode 5 Season 0, Episode 5 Mar 10, 2016 Paid

While Jack recuperates in the hospital following the bomb blast at Sarah's workshop, Harry decides to move the horse to Jack's courtyard. Linda rushes back to Melbourne to see Jack, but their reunion is less than amiable.

Episode 4 Season 0, Episode 4 Mar 3, 2016 Paid

Linda and Orton stumble upon the ruined village but are forced to flee when violence erupts. After Tina's body turns up, Jack and Sarah attend Tina's funeral service at the Way of the Cross, where a churchgoer invites Jack to a good grief meeting.

Episode 3 Season 0, Episode 3 Feb 25, 2016 Paid

Continuing his search for the people who set him up, Jack convinces his lawyer to give him the name of the witness against him. Jack and Sarah visit her father, the attorney general, to get more information about Tina. In Manila, Orton catches wind of Linda's investigation into the bank.