Is She Really Going Out With Him?

  • 2009
  • TV Show
  • TV-14

Beautiful girls debate whether they want to stay with their loser boyfriends in this reality series.

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Three On One
01:26 — Mariah has a showdown with Josh after she catches him hitting on her best friend.
The Last Ring Ding
01:03 — Greg's plan to upset Desirae's father comes to fruition when Greg eats parmesan cheese and takes the last Ring Ding.
The Women And The Alcohol
01:06 — Brittany has a showdown with Jason after discovering that he lied about having a female lead singer of his band.
Go Elsewhere
01:24 — Michael's friends refuse to leave him alone during his date night with Melissa.
God's Gift To Women
00:37 — Jason promises to take Brittany out on a date and reveals his romantic theories about love.
Pumped For This Party
01:02 — Josh tells his mentor Ricky that he won't let Mariah control him at the upcoming beach party.
Not Exactly Heartbroken
01:14 — Lisa reaches her breaking point after she watches Frank give a lapdance to a bride-to-be.
Things Are Gonna Change
01:20 — Melissa considers breaking up with Michael until he shows her his album liner notes.
Can We Still iChat?
01:35 — Jon begs for forgiveness, but Erin isn't sure she can deal with the craziness anymore.
What Were You Saying?
00:50 — Frank shows off his stellar listening skills when his girlfriend Lisa tries to tell him about her plan to move to New York.
Out On The Corner
00:47 — Greg shows up late for Desirae's family gathering and has some choice words for his girlfriend.
You Don't Need Money To Have Class
00:29 — Fed up with Peter's behavior, Carley leaves him a note saying their relationship is over.
Bite Me
00:59 — John fails to impress Hanh and her friends during a classy dinner at a Moroccan restaurant.
The Best You're Gonna Get
01:06 — Hanh gives Josh an ultimatum after he takes her bowling with his friends during their date.
Not Going To Change
01:05 — Geo refuses to let Gema change his eating habits and fitness routine, but will she take him back anyway?
No Girl Deserves This
01:12 — Mariah expects an apology from Josh, but he says he doesn't remember anything that happened at the beach party.
New Arrangements
00:53 — Josh shares his relationship woes with his friends over a bucket of hot wings.
A Dance Emergency
01:05 — After showing up an hour late to dinner, Frank ditches his date with Lisa to go back to work.
The Rest Of Her Redneck Life
00:28 — Peter insults Carley's family's lack of income as he shops for jewelry.
I Should Be Treated Like Royalty
01:19 — Desirae reaches her wit's end when Greg fails to apologize for his actions.
Time To Grow Up
00:46 — Josh decides to treat Mariah to ice cream -- but only if she partakes in the free samples.
Keep Truckin'
01:24 — Brittany finally realizes that Jason will never choose her over his band.
I Get The Girls
00:48 — Michael and his sidekick DC demonstrate their success at picking up the ladies.
Mike's Girlfriend
00:56 — After Peter stands Carley up on their date, Carley finds him hanging out with another girl.
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Cast & Details

  • Premiered: June 8, 2009
  • Rating: TV-14
  • Premise: Beautiful girls debate whether they want to stay with their loser boyfriends in this reality series.