Iris the Happy Professor

  • 2003
  • TV Show
  • TV-Y

A puppet series in which a teacher uses song and dance to explore a variety of topics.

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Iris The Happy Professor Trailer
01:46 — Created by award-winning cartoonist and animator Henri Desclez, this world-class preschool series places children in a wacky classroom where Professor (more…)
Iris, The Happy Professor Season 1
This world-class preschool series places children in a wacky classroom where Professor Iris reveals the extraordinary behind the ordinary, whether it' (more…)
14:00 — All aboard the Professor Iris express! Iris and his students play train and go on an exciting train trip. They see cities, country sides, the seaside (more…)
14:00 — It seems like the more Professor Iris and the gang laugh, the more they want to laugh. It's contagious! Why are they laughing? There are all sorts of (more…)
14:00 — Professor Iris and his students learn all about these friendly giants when a baby elephant escapes from the circus and comes to visit their classroom.
Animals and Their Homes
13:00 — Where do birds and beavers, monkeys and bears live? Some animals make their own homes, and some depend on us for shelter.
14:00 — Skeleton starts a moth colony, which leads to all kinds of problems…and to a lesson on insects! While Ms. Principal worries about her moth-eaten cloth (more…)
The Ocean
13:00 — Let's take a trip to the beach! We'll sit by the ocean and catch some sun, go on the ocean in a boat or two, and go into the ocean to visit our friend (more…)
13:00 — Why do we wash ourselves? To be clean, of course! We use soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, showers, bathtubs, shampoo... and we feel so good afterwards!
Baby Animals
13:00 — Miniature versions of some of our favorite animals... the babies! We find out where they come from, how their mothers take care of them and what each (more…)
Jungle Animals
14:00 — The gang goes off on a photo safari.., to the jungle! They discover lions and monkeys and zebras and elephants. And much to her surprise, Ms. Principa (more…)
14:00 — Professor Iris brings his horse to school and we learn all about these beautiful and helpful animals. Ms. Principal even goes for a ride!
14:00 — It's Plant's birthday and the class decides to celebrate by decorating the room with flowers. They learn about all of Plant's relatives, follow the li (more…)
14:00 — Everyone in Professor Iris' class has an idea about where to spend the school holidays... if only they could agree! After discussing each person's fan (more…)
14:00 — Ms. Principal shares her rock collection with Professor Iris and his students and they all learn about minerals.., what they are, where they come from (more…)
13:00 — Iris and his students demonstrate team sports like football, basketball and hockey. ..and individual sports like skating, skiing and surfing. Lots of (more…)
13:00 — We take a tour of the different rooms in a house, to see what we do in each one. Then we take off around the world, to see the different kinds of hous (more…)
14:00 — Professor Iris chooses a very hot subject for today's lesson! We see how volcanoes erupt and find out that sometimes they sleep. A little volcano appe (more…)
13:00 — All the wonderful and beautiful elements of nature! They are very precious, and we learn things we can do to take care of them.
The Apple
13:00 — The story of the apple, from seed to tree. And let's not forget all the yummy things we can make from apples when they come off the tree!
The Five Senses
13:00 — Sight, Smell, Taste, Touch, and Hearing.., five ways in which we discover the world around us.
The Farm
14:00 — A trip to the farm, to see what the farmer does every day. So many good things come from the farm... fruits and vegetables, milk and eggs.. - the gang (more…)
14:00 — A hair-raising episode! When Ms. Principal tries to find a new hairstyle, everyone ends up looking ducky! Long or short, red or brown... it doesn't ma (more…)
14:00 — They start out as caterpillars and turn into colorful winged creatures called butterflies! How do they do it?
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  • Premiered: September 8, 2003
  • Rating: TV-Y
  • Premise: A puppet series in which a teacher uses song and dance to explore a variety of topics. (more)

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