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Hour of Stars Season 2 Episodes

Season 2 Episode Guide

19 Episodes 1956 - 1957

Episode 1

Child of the Regiment

Wed, Oct 3, 1956 60 mins

In "Child of the Regiment," an American officer (Robert Preston), his wife (Teresa Wright) and their adopted Japanese daughter (Candace Lee) experience post-WWII racism when they are assigned to a military base in Hawaii. Major Carsten: Everett Sloane. Mrs. Yamoto: Grace Lem. Col. Jamison: Grandon Rhodes. Mrs. Jamison: Katharine Warren. Mrs. Carsten: Louise Arthur. Alice: Reba Waters.

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Episode 2

Stranger in the Night

Wed, Oct 17, 1956 60 mins

"Stranger in the Night," a 1956 TV-adaptation of the 1948 feature "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir," stars Joan Fontaine as a woman who rents a haunted house on the English coast. Capt. Wilton: Michael Wilding. Ida: Elsa Lanchester. Craig: Tom Conway. Enquiries: Ashley Cowan. Commuter: Keith Hitchcock. Maid: Queenie Leonard. Royce: Jack Raine. Smythe: Philip Tonge.

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Episode 3

The Money Maker

Wed, Oct 31, 1956 60 mins

"The Money Maker," a 1956 TV adaptation of the 1950 feature "Mister 880," stars Spring Byington as a poor elderly woman who counterfeits one-dollar bills and gets nabbed by the U.S. government. Ann: Terry Moore. Steve: Robert Sterling. Rosie: Irene Seidner.

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Episode 4

Smoke Jumpers

Wed, Nov 14, 1956 60 mins

"Smoke Jumpers" is a 1955 TV-adaptation of the 1952 drama "Red Skies of Montana," about a firefighter who survives a forest blaze and is accused of cowardice. Dean Jagger, Joan Leslie, Dan Duryea, Richard Jaeckel.

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Episode 5

The Last Patriarch

Wed, Nov 28, 1956 60 mins

From 1956: In "The Last Patriarch," a ruthless father (Walter Slezak) turns his sons against each other. John Cassavetes, Vince Edwards. The episode originally aired as "The World of Emil Markheim" and was a remake of the 1949 drama "House of Strangers" and the 1954 Western "Broken Lance."

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Episode 6

Men Against Speed

Wed, Dec 12, 1956 60 mins

"Men Against Speed" is a 1956 TV-remake of the 1955 feature "The Racers," about an American auto-racing team competing in Italy. Farley Granger, Mona Freeman, Rick Jason. Adams: Regis Toomey.

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Episode 7

Operation Cicero

Wed, Dec 26, 1956 60 mins

An adaptation of the 1952 espionage drama "5 Fingers" tells the story of the valet (Ricardo Montalban) to the British Ambassador to Turkey, who turns spy and sells top-secret info to the Nazis. Peter Lorre, Maria Riva.

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Episode 8

End of a Gun

Wed, Jan 9, 1957 60 mins

"End of a Gun," a 1956 TV adaptation of "The Gunfighter" (1950), tells of a famous outlaw who shows up to visit his estranged wife and child. Richard Conte, John Barrymore Jr., Michael Landon, Jameel Farah (Jamie Farr). Sam Peckinpah wrote the teleplay.

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Episode 9

False Witness

Wed, Jan 23, 1957 60 mins

From 1956: "False Witness" stars Fred MacMurray as a reporter trying to clear a convicted cop-killer. Joe Mantell, Claude Akins. The episode is a TV-adaptation of the 1948 drama "Call Northside 777."

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Episode 10

The Springfield Incident

Wed, Feb 6, 1957 60 mins

In "The Springfield Incident," a 1957 TV-adaptation of the 1939 drama "Young Mr. Lincoln," the future president (Tom Tryon) defends two brothers accused of murder. Alan Hale Jr., Ann Harding.

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Episode 11

Man of the Law

Wed, Feb 20, 1957 60 mins

A 1957 TV-adaptation of "Man of the Law" puts a sheriff (Wendell Corey) in a difficult position when his stepson turns out to be the only witness to a bank robbery. Mary: Marsha Hunt. Earl: Ron Randell. Lily: Constance Ford. George: Johnny Washbrook.

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Episode 12

City in Flames

Wed, Mar 6, 1957 60 mins

"City in Flames" (1957), a TV-remake of 1937's "In Old Chicago," is about two Windy City brothers (Jeff Morrow, Kevin McCarthy) fighting over the love of an actress (Anne Jeffreys) and the fate of their run-down neighborhood. Molly O'Leary: Lurene Tuttle.

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Episode 13

Deadline Decision

Wed, Mar 20, 1957 60 mins

The publisher (Charles Bickford) of a small-town newspaper puts an abducted child's life in danger when he runs the crime story despite the kidnapper's demand for no press coverage. Ben: Arthur Franz. Chief: Jay C. Flippen. Mildred: Josephine Hutchinson. Smythe: John Eldredge. Elgin: Whit Bissell. Robinson: Robert Osterloh. Margaret: Vivi Janiss. Mrs. Elgin: Barbara Wooddell.

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Episode 14

The Still Trumpet

Wed, Apr 3, 1957 60 mins

"The Still Trumpet," a 1957 TV adaptation of the 1950 feature "Two Flags West," is about a Union officer using Confederate prisoners to defend a wilderness fort against Indian attack. Dale Robertson, Victor Jory. Nancy: Carol Ohmart. Strong: Regis Toomey.

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Episode 15

Men in Her Life

Wed, Apr 17, 1957 60 mins

In "Men in Her Life," a 1957 TV-adaptation of the 1941 big-screen tearjerker "Remember the Day," a teacher (Phyllis Kirk) visits a once-troublesome student who is now running for political office. Dan: Kendall Scott. Miss Cartwright: Ann Doran. Steel: Richard Hale.

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Episode 16

Deep Water

Sat, May 4, 1957 60 mins

"Deep Water," a TV-remake of 1951's "The Frogmen," stars Ralph Meeker, Richard Arlen, James Whitmore and Barry Coe in an adventure about a WWII underwater demolition team. Steve McQueen has a small role as Kinsella.

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Episode 17

The Great American Hoax

Wed, May 15, 1957 60 mins

"The Great American Hoax" (1957), a TV-remake of the 1951 film "As Young as You Feel," stars Ed Wynn as a forcibly retired printer who schemes to get his job back by impersonating the rarely seen company president and changing the business's policies. McKinley: Walter Abel. Alice: Kathleen Crowley. Stinson: Conrad Nagel. George: Jesse White. Della: Peg LaCentra.

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Episode 18

Threat to a Happy Ending

Wed, May 29, 1957 60 mins

On the eve of his daughter's wedding, a New York City police captain (William Bendix) searches for the hood who has vowed to kill her cop fiancé (Dirk London). Eddie: Gene Barry. Mae: Mabel Anderson. Cathy: Lori Nelson. Vega: Horace McMahon. Anne: Carol Nugent. Janice: Kay Faylen. Martha: Janet Parker. Ellie: Susan Seaforth. Chuck: Rudy Lee. Freddie: Than Wyenn.

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Episode 19

The Marriage Broker

Wed, Jun 12, 1957 60 mins

From 1957: "The Marriage Broker" is about a jilted woman who opens an agency to bring couples together. Glenda Farrell and William Bishop star in this TV-adaptation of the 1951 film "The Model and the Marriage Broker." Christina: Kipp Hamilton. Feeney: Harry Morgan. Doberman: Jesse White. Shirley: Helen Walker. Emmie: Lee Patrick. Capt. Sam: Lloyd Corrigan. Minerva: Ellen Corby. Lewis Allen directed.

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