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Homicide: Life on the Street Season 7 Episodes

22 Episodes 1998 - 1999

Episode 1

La Famiglia

Fri, Sep 25, 1998 60 mins

Giardello's estranged son Mike (Giancarlo Esposito), an FBI agent from Arizona, returns to Baltimore to investigate the murder of his uncle. Det. Rene Sheppard: Michael Michele. Giardello: Yaphet Kotto. Munch: Richard Belzer. Lewis: Clark Johnson.

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Episode 2

Brotherly Love

Fri, Oct 16, 1998 60 mins

Sheppard (Michael Michele) and Lewis suspect a man of murdering his identical twin brother; Mike Giardello puts in a request to transfer to the Baltimore P.D. as an FBI liaison. Det. Landrewsky: Anthony Joseph Perry. Adam Ralston: Mitchell Lichtenstein.

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Episode 3

Just an Old-Fashioned Love Song

Fri, Oct 23, 1998 60 mins

Mike Giardello and Ballard probe a suspicious shooting involving a famous sports doctor, his wife and her sister; Munch is audited by the I.R.S. Alvin Taylor: O.L. Duke. Suzanne Taylor: Maria Broom. Lemonhead Boggs: Lester Speight. Lee Morganstern: Paul Morella.

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Episode 4

Twenty Percent Solution

Fri, Oct 30, 1998 60 mins

When a famous spy-thriller novelist disappears, his wife (Patti D'Arbanville) accuses his scheming agent of murdering him. Benedek: Joseph Urla. Claudette: Carla Bianchi. Rawlins: Tom Atkins. Dokes: Scott Sparks. L.P. Everett: Richard Warner.

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Episode 5

Red, Red Wine

Fri, Nov 6, 1998 60 mins

The FBI is brought in to help the homicide department solve a mass poisoning case and Mike (Giancarlo Esposito) is put in charge of the investigation. Wally Flynn: Pat Hingle. Gerald Alberto: Charlie Deppish.

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Episode 6

Wanted Dead or Alive

Fri, Nov 13, 1998 60 mins

Part 1 of two. Stivers and Falsone suspect some bounty hunters of murder, leading them on a wild-goose chase that leaves one detective badly injured. Knoll: Christopher Meloni. Danvers: Zeljko Ivanek. Griscom: Austin Pendleton. Johnson: Kris Arnold.

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Episode 7

Wanted Dead or Alive

Fri, Nov 20, 1998 60 mins

Conclusion. As one of the detectives struggles to regain consciousness after an accident, Mike and Bayliss head to Miami's sunny South Beach to pursue a suspect. Knoll: Christopher Meloni. Gaffney: Walt MacPherson. Bassett: Conrad Karlson.

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Episode 8

Kellerman, P.I.

Fri, Dec 4, 1998 60 mins

Part 1 of two. Ex-cop Mike Kellerman (Reed Diamond) returns to the squad room, only this time as a private detective who clashes with Falsone over a murder investigation. Debbie Straub: Jena Malone. Craig Halpern: Chris Gunn. Gina Straub: Yvonne Erickson.

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Episode 9

Kellerman, P.I.

Fri, Dec 11, 1998 60 mins

Conclusion. One of the parents in a neonaticide case makes a deal to testify against the other. Kellerman: Reed Diamond. Falsone: Jon Seda. Craig Halpern: Chris Gunn. Debbie Straub: Jena Malone. Danvers: Zeljko Iavnek. Nellis: Alexander Webb. Judge: Dick Seltzer.

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Episode 10

Shades of Gray

Fri, Jan 8, 1999 60 mins

The detectives investigate the murders of a white bus driver and a Jamaican man, which occurred during a riot that was triggered when the bus driver hit a pedestrian. Hellriegel: Jeff Mandon. Eunice Bryce: Sandra Reaves-Phillips. Clements: Chuck Jeffreys.

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Episode 11

Bones of Contention

Fri, Jan 15, 1999 60 mins

The discovery of a decomposed corpse leads to the reopening of a decade-old murder and bank-robbery case. Sykes: Rocco Sisto. Mancini: Skip Sudduth. Carla Reeves: Megan Morgan. Tina Reeves: Kara Jackson. Griscom: Austin Pendleton. Danvers: Zeljko Ivanek.

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Episode 12

The Same Coin

Fri, Jan 29, 1999 60 mins

The investigation into the hit-and-run death of a Vietnam veteran leads to a confrontation when Munch (Richard Belzer) questions Gharty's war record. Gharty: Peter Gerety. Griscom: Austin Pendleton. Drummond: James A. Howard. Billie Lou: Ellen McElduff.

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Episode 13


Fri, Feb 5, 1999 60 mins

Sheppard (Michael Michele) leads an investigation to find a "cyberkiller" who's staging a series of ritual murders of women and broadcasting them over the Internet. Luke Ryland: Benjamin Busch. Det. Austin: Murphy Guyer. Col. Barnfather: Clayton LeBouef.

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Episode 14

A Case of Do or Die

Fri, Feb 12, 1999 60 mins

Ballard (Callie Thorne) and Bayliss try to determine whether a woman's death the night before her wedding was the result of murder or suicide. Marcus Hume: Dan Futterman. Frank Hopper: Wallace Shawn. Erika Cullen: Amy Ryan. Alyssa Dyer: Harlee McBride.

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Episode 15


Fri, Feb 19, 1999 60 mins

A crossover with "Law & Order," involving a Government worker's murder, concludes as the investigation exposes a connection to the White House. Dell: George Hearn. Munch: Richard Belzer. McCoy: Sam Waterston. Briscoe: Jerry Orbach. Curtis: Benjamin Bratt.

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Episode 16

Truth Will Out

Fri, Mar 26, 1999 60 mins

A woman (Brooke Smith) who believes she accidentally killed her baby brother when she was 3 years old requests to reopen the case---which was originally handled by Giardello in 1972. Madeleine Pitt: Elizabeth Ashley. Sgt. Fisk: Michael Ford. Dr. Griscom: Austin Pendleton.

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Episode 17

Zen and the Art of Murder

Fri, Apr 2, 1999 60 mins

The investigation into the murder of a Buddhist monk causes Bayliss (Kyle Secor) to re-examine his own spiritual beliefs. Brian Bailey: Brian McCarthy. Dawson: Gil Deeble. Bragg: Scott Longnecker. Moss: Terry Alexander. Tina Jeffries: Nina Hodoruk.

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Episode 18


Fri, Apr 9, 1999 60 mins

An assistant U.S. attorney admits killing her ex-husband, but claims battered-spouse syndrome as a defense. Eleanor Burke: Haviland Morris. Danvers: Zeljko Ivanek. Barnfather: Clayton LeBouef. Greenfield: William G.J. Aylward. Ramsey: Paul Butler.

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Episode 19

Identity Crisis

Fri, Apr 30, 1999 60 mins

Munch and Bayliss try to identify a corpse stabbed in the medical examiner's lab; Lewis and Falsone investigate the murder of a man who was killed as he barbecued. Dr. Griscom: Austin Pendleton. Wetherby: Darien Dikeos. Patricia: Melanie Vesey.

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Episode 20

Lines of Fire

Fri, May 7, 1999 60 mins

Mike Giardello and Gharty become embroiled in a hostage situation when a man (Ron Eldard) holds his two kids at gunpoint and threatens to blow up an apartment building. Mrs. Carey: Marianne Hagan. Zoey: Sarah Stusek. Zack: Matthew Bernard Nuti.

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Episode 21

The Why Chromosome

Fri, May 14, 1999 60 mins

Sheppard and Ballard team up to investigate the killing of a teenage girl. Meanwhile, at the request of his fiancée, Munch intervenes in a dispute between ex-lovers. Crystal: Samantha Brown. Casper: J.D. Williams. Neecee: Cloie Wyatt Taylor. Faires: Eric Shroeder.

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Episode 22

Forgive Us Our Trespasses

Fri, May 21, 1999 60 mins

Giardello's daughter (Audra McDonald) pays a surprise visit to see her father promoted to captain; Bayliss and Sheppard are stymied by the legal system in bringing a criminal to justice; Lewis and Falsone try to solve a stabbing victim's murder.

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