Hetalia: The Beautiful World

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Personified countries of the world interact as they live through moments in history.

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Episode 16
05:00 — You guys, there's a royal wedding and afterward England's Prince IS VISITING SEYCHELLES!!! Oh, wait, that's supposed to be a big secret. Pretend you n (more…)
Episode 22
05:00 — In the conclusion to the adorable Valentine's Day episode, Germany takes Italy out to dinner and showers him with gifts that make an awkward situation (more…)
Episode 4
05:00 — Poor Russia. He had a pretty rough childhood. Everyone picked on him. Even random hamsters totally hated him. Stupid hamsters. Oh, and it turns out th (more…)
Episode 9
05:00 — Belgium wants to throw a waffle party, but the only things her big bro Netherlands cares about are pickled fish, clean kitchens, and cold hard cash! H (more…)
Episode 17
05:00 — When the countries gather to show off their favorite horror movies, it's nothing but boobs, bloody entrails, Japanese ghosts, creepy naked Santas, and (more…)
Episode 11
05:00 — It's April Fools' Day and someone is forcing all the countries to dress up in embarrassing costumes! France is suddenly super small, and everyone is u (more…)
Episode 15
05:00 — France looks dashing whilst discoursing on the Hundred Years War and Joan of Arc's tragic, yet beautiful, life. Did I mention how dreamy France's hair (more…)
Episode 20
05:00 — Japan throws a swanky party to celebrate his alliance with Germany and Italy. Germany wants to get down to business, but Italy is looking forward to s (more…)
Episode 10
05:00 — Young Greece waxes philosophical about his love of cats, his desire to pet cats, and his hunger for sweets. Then he takes a bath with Turkey. Turkey i (more…)
Episode 3
05:00 — It seems W Academy's most ridiculous clubs each share the same single member. This member's identity should not surprise you. Also, HUGE news! A NEVER (more…)
Episode 19
05:00 — Seborga hangs upside down from a tree and drips ketchup all over Wy's yard. Meanwhile, Ukraine and Hungary dish on super cute costumes from throughout (more…)
Episode 1
05:00 — In this episode: throwing stars, sharpened chopsticks, steel tanks, and other super-mega-manly stuff - like, for instance, Germany squatting in a dand (more…)
Episode 5
05:00 — This episode about France is heavy. It's deep. There's a wistful old man and two uncertain young lovers. Right in the middle of it all: ageless France (more…)

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  • Rating: TV-MA
  • Premise: Personified countries of the world interact as they live through moments in history. (more)

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