Hetalia: The Beautiful World

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Personified countries of the world interact as they live through moments in history.

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Hetalia - The Beautiful World Season 5
Hetalia: The Beautiful World! It's Season 5, as in high-five! And when we high-five, a kitten starts playing adorable songs on a wee banjo! But then P (more…)
Episode 7
05:00 — In today's episode: Quality time in the bathtub. Also, America's got some pretty sweet dance moves. Japan's got some pretty sweet abs. And why am I ju (more…)
Episode 6
05:00 — This episode explores the intricacies of Romano and Spain's adorably dysfunctional relationship. Also, somebody keeps peeing in Romano's bed. He blame (more…)
Episode 8
05:00 — The blog-o-sphere erupts into flames when Estonia's website gets hacked! With Russia as the main suspect, America attem-///error...(0|_|)...VV@|2... (more…)
Episode 12
05:00 — Japan's peaceful soak in a nice, hot tub is ruined when America kicks in the window and invites him to a Halloween party - in his room! Also, England (more…)
Episode 14
05:00 — Today's agenda consists of cool diplomatic poses, brothers pumping iron, sneaking into the American camp - and a shared love of hamburgers! BEEFCAKES (more…)
Episode 13
05:00 — It's a super squee Christmas season except for one teeny problem - Santa's gone missing! Luckily, France is still a dreamboat, and Canada has a Polar (more…)
Episode 2
05:00 — The Axis boys investigate W Academy's various clubs, including the Gourmet Club, the Witchcraft Club, and the Man, France is Looking REALLY Good Latel (more…)
Episode 25
05:00 — Estonia can barely handle the excitement of waking up to discover that all the adorable boys of Hetalia have turned into unbelievably hot girls!
Episode 18
05:00 — The dreamy boys of Hetalia love horror films! Canada's opus features a cage full of pancakes and bears, Germany shows off its jugs and vampires, and A (more…)
Episode 21
05:00 — It's Valentine's Day, and Germany is having trouble defining his relationship with Italy. What exactly does it mean when you share a lot of hugs and e (more…)
Episode 24
05:00 — After a nice cup of tea in the beautiful countryside, Switzerland's little sister grows concerned that her big bro keeps selling all their weapons!
Episode 23
05:00 — America celebrates his one hundredth birthday, and France is quick to deliver a super big gift! Meanwhile, Britain tries to fix the cracks in the libe (more…)

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