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Sneak Peek
04:11 — Catch up on the first half of Season 5, with a sneak peek of what’s to come in the final episodes. William Shatner guest stars.
Inside Haven: Season 5, Episode 26
02:31 — The cast talks Season 5, Episode 26.
The American Scream
03:33 — S5/E25: Badass Croatoan makes Nathan the weirdest offer that we € re sure he won € t be able to refuse.
Mercy Killing
03:28 — S5/E25: Duke has always known that a man with a tattoo of The Guard € s logo was going to be the one to kill him. He just didn € t know it w (more…)
Daddy's Little Girl
02:21 — S5/E24: Audrey tries to stab her dad in the neck, so then he breaks her arm, and then kisses it to make it all better. Um, thanks?
#HavenFaves Week 10
01:55 — S1/E12: Nathan and Duke take a stroll down memory lane, back to that one time in third grade when Duke played the first of many dirty tricks on Nathan (more…)
Inside Haven: Season 5, Episode 23
01:59 — The cast talks Season 5, Episode 23.
#HavenFaves Week 9
02:45 — S4/E4: Duke and Jennifer prove that two heads are better than one when they solve the riddle of The Barn € s location.
Inside Haven - Season 5, Episode 22
02:55 — The cast talks Season 5, Episode 22.
Time Stands Still
04:01 — S5/E22: Something tells Dave that the clocks in his mind are the key to Crotoan stopping time.
Inside Haven: Season 5, Episode 21
02:19 — The cast talks Season 5, Episode 21.
Keep Calm and Exorcize Croatoan
01:55 — S5/E21: Now that they know Croatoan is lurking inside Dave, Dwight and Vince try desperately to draw the evil spirit out.
#HavenFaves Week 8
01:49 — S4/E6: Nathan blows € Lexie € s € cover when Audrey € s knack for solving Troubles shines through.
#HavenFaves Week 7
03:25 — S1/E1: The first time Audrey and Duke met, she woke up in his bed and he taught her how to say thank you - but wait, it € s not what you think! W (more…)
Better Call Saul
02:01 — S5/E20: It € s Nathan € s turn to write Duke a letter from the past.
Inside Haven - Season 5, Episode 20
03:23 — The cast talks Season 5, Episode 20.
#HavenFaves Week 6
03:00 — S5/E8: The brothers Teague take turns saving each other from the throes of one weary nurse.
Goodbye, Again
01:25 — S5/E19: Duke decides to go back to Haven and bid Seth and his memories farewell.
Second Time Around
01:37 — S5/E19: Since Charlotte is fortunate enough to get a second chance to say goodbye to Dwight, she takes her time and does it right.
Famous Last Words
01:38 — S5/E18: Audrey loses a mother but gains a father named Croatoan
#HavenFaves: Week 3
03:08 — Duke and Jennifer meet for the first time and she € s already reading his thoughts. Sweet.
Til REM Do Us Part
01:56 — S5/E17: Dwight tries to talk him down but all he succeeds in doing is finding out about Sandman € s plan to keep Audrey. Forever.
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