Gold Rush

A father and son bring a group of greenhorns toPorcupine Creek, Alaska, to mine for gold in this reality series.

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The Badass Women of Paradise Hill

Find out the Beets' secret to success from the operators on Tony’s Paradise Hill claim.

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The Big Gold Rush Fight
01:36 — Dave and Trey reflect on their big fight this season and explain exactly what happened on the claim.
Barge-ing Out
02:05 — After 5 months of delays, Tony Beets begins his journey to bring back his dredge. But first, he’ll have to break his barge free of its icy confines.
Remembering Blue, and Introducing Blue Belle
03:03 — Jack Hoffman reflects on the precious time he had with his irreplaceable dog Blue, and introduces the newest member of his family.
Re-tracking an Excavator on the Fly
01:56 — Watch an extended scene of how the Scribner Creek crew fixed the excavator track.
A Long Overdue Dredge Repair
02:25 — After losing out on a month of dredging, Tony's idler-wheel finally arrives. Now it's time to start the very complex repairs.
Parker Looks to Buy Land
01:58 — Parker is tired of living under Tony Beets' rule, and scouts land to buy for next season.
Gold Catching Bucket Line
02:08 — The bucket line is what will catch the gold and make the dredge pay for itself.
A Pivotal Schnabel Family Meeting
03:15 — It's time for Parker to make some big decisions - so he's called a meeting with his parents and Grandpa John.
Grandpa Schnabel Has A Heart of Gold
01:39 — Parker Schnabel rushes to the hospital in Anchorage to be with his grandfather as he undergoes heart surgery.
Moving Slucifer During a Thunderstorm is a Dangerous Operation
03:06 — As Parker tries to move his new washplant, Sluicifer is living up to its name.
Tons of Gold Left Behind
01:35 — Even though the Hoffman crew is running huge amounts of pay dirt, their recent clean ups have been low. Dave Turin returns to ground that they've alre (more…)
Dozer Dave's Master Plan
02:33 — Dave is about to make some major changes at McKinnon Creek. Here's what he plans to do.
Digging the Wrong Dirt
01:51 — The Hoffman crew realizes they've been coming up short on pay for too long, and they need to get down to the gold or get out of the Klondike.
Step 1 In Troubleshooting Your Gold Mining Operation: Is Everything Plugged In?
01:58 — The Hoffman crew rents a state-of-the-art feeder called the Maximus to keep up with their new washplant. Unfortunately, new technology comes with its (more…)
Gold Rich Pay Channel
01:35 — Gold rich pay channel.
Holy Mackerel Gold
01:37 — After hearing a rumor that a neighbor has some lucrative ground to lease, Todd stops by to investigate the land.
Monica To The Rescue
02:50 — Monica Beets takes a break from leading her all-girl team of rock truck drivers to clean up her brother Kevin's mess at the dredge.
Expert Eye Spots Washplant Backup
03:27 — Gene Cheeseman’s expert eye spots an uneven water flow in Parker’s sluice box. While it’s a good catch, it’s not an easy fix and will put them days be (more…)
Beets is the Boss
02:34 — When it comes to moving the million dollar dredge, it's Tony Beets' way or the highway.
Will This Cleanout Keep The Hoffman Team's Hopes Alive?
02:16 — After a promising first cleanout at the Fairplay mine in Colorado, Todd Hoffman and Freddy Dodge realizes that they need a bigger crew.
Bedrock or Not?
01:53 — At McKinnon Creek, the Hoffman crew hits what seems to be bedrock and is faced with a season make-or-break dilemma.
The Great Piggy Bank Robbery / A Star Is Bored
14:49 — Daffy falls asleep reading Dick Tracy comics and becomes Dick Twacy in his dreams. Directed by: Robert Clampett / Daffy Duck is jealous of Bugs Bunny' (more…)
A Pivotal Schnabel Family Meeting
03:15 — It's time for Parker to make some big decisions - so he's called a meeting with his parents and Grandpa John.

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