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(Sub) Pure Audio Season 1, Episode 13 Dec 28, 2016 Subscription

As things get better between Papika and Cocona, there is still the lingering threat of Mimi, and other secrets are lurking in the shadows.

(Sub) Pure Howling Season 1, Episode 12 Dec 21, 2016 Subscription

Yayaka and Papika have teamed up to save Cocona from her mother. As they follow Mimi and Cocona, they must fight their way through Pure Illusion.

(Sub) Pure Storage Season 1, Episode 11 Dec 14, 2016 Subscription

Mimi poses a threat to the world. Meanwhile, Salt and Papika try to stop her only to be overwhelmed by their memories.

(Sub) Pure Jitter Season 1, Episode 10 Dec 7, 2016 Subscription

Cocona demands answers as Asclepius attacks Flip Flap. Cocona's world starts to crumble as the truth is finally revealed.