Five Minutes More

  • 2006
  • TV Show
  • TV-G

A child's toys tell stories as he drifts off to sleep.

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Snowy Story
05:00 — In the Arctic Circle three explorers realise they can solve their problems by sharing their supplies.
Frown Town
05:00 — When a clown appears in Frown Town he shows the locals how to have fun. It’s not long before Frown Town becomes Clown Town!
Messy Mountain
05:00 — Messy Monica shows her tidy neighbours that sometimes junk can be recycled to make something useful and new.
Make Me A Rainbow
05:00 — A poor, generous fisherman finds a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
The Surprise Laugh
05:00 — The King and Queen have forgotten how to laugh. That is until, quite unexpectedly, a funny little bird hatches out of an egg in the garden and makes (more…)
05:00 — When a rocket lands in the town square, the Mayor’s daughter realises that she (and her fellow townsfolk) can communicate with the alien despite their (more…)
Jealous Jack
05:00 — Jack realises it can be fun having a little brother after all.
One, Two, Three Jump
05:00 — Baby Penguin likes to jump, much to his parent’s amusement. But when the frozen river thaws, Father penguin and Mother penguin realise the only way t (more…)
The Three Elephants
05:00 — Deep in the jungle three elephants - one very big, one big and one small - discover that being the biggest is not always the best.