Fireman Sam

  • 1987
  • 5 Seasons
  • TV-Y

An animated program, featuring humor and drama, that teaches children about fire safety.

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Deep Trouble
10:52 — Sam was on holiday from the station and feeling quite bored. But when he volunteered to help out in Penny’s garden he soon found himself up to his ne (more…)
Bentley the Robot
10:10 — Sam’s latest invention is almost human and perfectly behaved – until it meets Norman Price.
Home from Rome
10:52 — Bella plans an Italian night in her café but finds there’s trouble in store when she and Rosa get trapped in a lift.
Thief in Pontypandy
10:05 — Fireman Sam’s mislaid his watch; Dilys has lost her earrings; Bella’s necklace has disappeared! Can Sam solve the mystery?
Sam - The Great Inventor
10:03 — Sam is all set to win The Best Inventor in Wales competition, until…
Brass Band
10:34 — Only practice makes perfect. But the Fire Station Band needs something quicker than that!
Runaway Train
10:01 — When Bronwyn gives Gareth a sausage sandwich for his lunch, she has no idea the lengths Nipper the dog will go to for a bite. So when Gareth leaves hi (more…)
Norman's Ark
10:01 — Norman wakes up one morning to find that the whole of Pontypandy is flooded! Fireman Sam is up with Tom Thomas in his helicopter surveying the extent (more…)
Double Trouble
10:01 — Norman’s cousin Derek comes to stay and appears at first to be a gigantic goody-two shoes and he shows Norman up at every opportunity. Norman hatches (more…)
Floating Cart
10:02 — NORMAN is building a new go-cart and wants it to be the best ever. After a precarious test drive with the resuscitation dummy NORMAN is certain that (more…)
Mam's Day
10:02 — It’s mother’s day and NORMAN is making a poor show if treating DILYS. Instead of allowing MIKE to help him flex his woodwork skills and make somethin (more…)
Fields of Fire
10:02 — NORMAN and MANDY discover that smoke gets in your eyes when DUSTY disturbs a campfire.
Dily's Big Surprise
10:01 — Norman descends from his bedroom with a football under one arm and a skateboard in the other, eager to get out into the Pontypandy sunshine and play w (more…)
Wishing Well
10:18 — When Norman doesn’t come back from picking strawberries, Trevor organises a search party.
Norman's Pitfall
10:31 — Not far from a dis-used mine shaft, Norman is fishing for chocolate cream eclairs.
10:06 — Trevor’s bus nearly puts an end to Sarah and James’ camping trip with Uncle Sam.
What Goes Up
10:47 — Unfortunately, Trevor realises that what goes up must come down when he accidentally takes a ride in the fire station’s hot air balloon.
Norman's Halloween Heist
10:01 — It’s Halloween. Norman Price hatches a trick-or-treating plan to collect every sweet in Pontypandy for himself. Unlike last year, he’s determined not (more…)
Mandy's Mountain
10:01 — When Mandy reads Moose Roberts’ book about his mountain climbing adventures, she decides that she wants to be a mountain climber when she grows up – a (more…)
Fit for Nothing
10:03 — The Firemen are training hard to appear in “Wales Fittest Firefighters” calendar. Who will be the fittest.?
Danger By the Double
10:02 — JAMES and SARAH will not stop competing over things. SAM suggests to BRONWYN that a nature trail through the woods with NORMAN and MANDY might prove (more…)
Hot & Cold Running Sniffer Dog
10:02 — MIKE is doubting Radar’s abilities as a rescue dog declaring that “if he’s a rescue dog I’ll eat my dirty t-shirt.” MANDY decides that she will prove (more…)
Perilous Path
10:02 — Some of the cliffs in Pontypandy are crumbling so SAM and TOM put up warning signs marking the unsafe paths. The next day after heavy rainfall NORMAN (more…)
The Big Chill
10:01 — When a big chill comes to Pontypandy, Norman and Mandy decide to make a snowman. But Norman gets his mum best scarf dirty when he dresses up his snowm (more…)
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