Extreme Houseboats Season 1
Extreme Houseboats tours the world's most unbelievable floating homes.
Extreme Houseboats Season 1
Extreme Houseboats tours the world's most unbelievable floating homes.
Aff-ter Hours Party Barge
Check out a 1,600-square-foot party barge located in Lake Cumberland, KY.
Why I Love Houseboats
Let houseboat owner Zy Mercer take you on a tour of Sausalito houseboats.
Freedom Cove
Freedom Cove is a floating artists' paradise miles from civilization.
The Green Family Residence
See the boat the Green family calls home off the coast of Portland.
The Bota Bota
Guests ejoy five-story luxury aboard Montreal's Bota Bota floating spa.
The Draper Family Houseboat
Tour this sleek, modern, 1000-square-foot dwelling located in Seattle.
The Floating Chapel
Take a look at America's first ever Floating Chapel, located in Sarasota, FL.
The Nantucket Lightship
Check out this massive, luxurious 5-bedroom houseboat located in Newport, RI.
The Forbes Island Restaurant
Chow down at the exclusive Forbes Island Restaurant off the famed Pier 39.
The Dragon Boat
This 1.2 million dollar, 4-bedroom houseboat is the tallest in Sausalito, CA.
The Queen of Arts
This three-bedroom boat, located in New York, is designed after the Delta Queen.
The Train Wreck
Check out this 100-year-old rail car that was transformed into a houseboat.
The S.S. Maggie
The S.S. Maggie has been transformed from working schooner to luxury haven.
How to Build a Houseboat
See a houseboat being built with owner of Stardust Cruisers, Terry Aff.
The Forbes Island Houseboat
See this amazing floating island vessel off the coast of San Francisco.
The Fonken Houseboat
The Fonken's houseboat may be small in square footage, but she lives large.
Off the Grid, Outside the Box
Outside-the-box toilets have off-the-grid houseboat owners sitting pretty.
The Frajac
Life aboard the Frajac is a little like being on holiday all the time.
Talk about location: Watervilla's neighborhood is a Dutch nature preserve.
Staying Fit on the Water
Living on the water doesn't keep these houseboat owners from staying fit.
Hole in the Wall
Except for electricity and modern plumbing, Hole in the Wall has it all.
The Donnelly Home
Bill Donnelly instantly fell in love with this upscale floating cube.
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  • Premiered: February 12, 2012
  • Rating: TV-G

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