Engie Benjy Season 2
TA award winning Cosgrove Hall Films, Engie Benjy was a big hit with the judges at Cartoons on the Bay 2003.
Engie Benjy Season 4
Children adore the colourful, vibrant and hugely appealing world of Engie Benjy.
Engie Benjy Season 1
Engine doctor Engie Benjy and his pals Jollop the Dog and Dan the Van are busy 'making things better'!
Engie Benjy Season 3
Sensational pre-school Stop-Motion/CGI animation series.
Lost Horizon
11:00 — Driver Dottie and Bus are lost in the cotton candy fog with Pete and Al as passengers.
Buses Need Holidays Too
10:00 — In today's episode hard working Bus and Driver Dottie take all their friends to the seaside for a well-earned break.
Silly Bus Mood
10:00 — Bus is behaving strangely, so Driver Dottie leaves him at the garage while she goes shopping.
Dirty Windows
10:00 — Spaceship and Astronaut Al have been playing out and Spaceship's windows are all mucky.
The Big Sleep
11:00 — The adventures of an engine doctor and his friends.
The Sea Sneezes
11:00 — Engie is called to Fin's, where Boat is having trouble playing because she has the sea sneezes.
Harvest Helpers
11:00 — It's a hot day and tractor is trying to harvest all the ice lollies before they melt, all by himself - but it's too much work for one vehicle, so the (more…)
Flying High
11:00 — When Plane has a crash and hurts himself, the team must help him feel better - and help him get over a fear of flying again.
Xmas Dan Day
11:00 — When Dan gets stuck on the iced over harbour on his birthday, Engie has to think of a way to get him off the ice and to his birthday party.
Painting Spaceship
10:00 — Spaceship is having a new lick of paint and to commemorate the special event Engie Benjy has organised a big party.
11:00 — Bike becomes upset when he can't join in the game of Skyball.
The Donut Downpour
11:00 — People can't work out why it's raining doughnuts until Engie catches Plane having great fun flying around dropping doughnuts on everyone.
The Night Flight
11:00 — Engie and the team are called to Pilot Pete and Plane's as Plane is about to take his first night flight. The team discover that there's nothing wron (more…)
Panic At Sea
10:00 — After a big storm, Boat and Fisherman Fin are confronted with a real emergency.
Night Of The Sherbert Stars
11:00 — Everyone is going to the top of Sofa Mountain to see the Sherbet Stars that only come out once a year.
Boat Takes A Trip
10:00 — Engie Benjy, the loveable engine doctor with bright blue hair, makes things better for all his friends with the help of his special team - Dan the Van (more…)
Jollop To The Rescue
10:00 — Jollops' cousin Jellie comes to stay and Engie Benjy makes a fuss of her.
Horn For A Spaceship
11:00 — Big Rig has lost his horn.
10:00 — Bus arrives in the middle of the night without Dottie. She is 'sleepdriving' and Engie Benjy and the team must steer her home without waking her up.
Check Up Day
10:00 — Today all of Engie Benjy's friends bring their vehicles to the garage for a check-up.
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