Earth to Luna

  • 2014
  • TV Show
  • TV-Y

The adventures of a little girl who loves science.

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The Tale of Kale
12:00 — It’s nearly lunchtime in Luna’s house and her mother is preparing a scrumptious meal. Luna, Jupiter, and Clyde are shocked to find that all that’s lef (more…)
The Sinking Grape
12:02 — It's a beautiful day for a picnic in the park with Momma and Daddy. As the family sits down to eat, Luna accidentally sends her orange rolling downhil (more…)
The Waggle Dance
12:00 — After arriving home from ballet, Luna decides to have a little snack in the backyard. When she, Clyde, and Jupiter notice one bee, and then another, a (more…)
Wings of a Bird
12:02 — When Jupiter's paper airplane lands by a bird's nest in the garden, the curious trio's attention is drawn to something rather unexpected and exciting. (more…)
It All Falls Down
12:02 — Luna, Jupiter and Igor are all enjoying ice-creams at Newton's bakery while they check out Igor's astronaut sticker album. They find the stickers of a (more…)
Martians, Martians, Martians
12:02 — When looking through their telescope gets Luna, Jupiter and Clyde no closer to answering their questions about Martians and life on Mars, the gang is (more…)
Luna-Saurus Rex
12:02 — It's an extra special day - zoo day! Besides seeing all sorts of amazing animals, Jupiter is especially excited to check out the zoo's brand new dinos (more…)
Do Fish Drink Water?
12:02 — It's summer and Momma and Daddy have taken the trio to the beach. As the day heats up, Luna, Jupiter and Clyde refresh themselves with some nice, cold (more…)
That Just Rained Smell
12:02 — It's a good thing Luna's wearing her favourite rain boots as a sudden shower comes along while everyone's playing in the yard. But as quickly as the r (more…)
How Water Became Rain
12:02 — It's a sunny, hot afternoon and everyone's drinking lots of water. But when mom jokes about not drinking too much or there won't be any left for rain, (more…)
When Yellow Met Blue
12:00 — Luna is finishing a beautiful painting of her backyard one sunny afternoon. But when she goes to paint her sun on the clear blue sky, something strang (more…)
Flying Lights
12:02 — It's dusk and the stars are emerging in the sky. Luna, Jupiter and Clyde are enjoying a breezy evening in the backyard when they come across a lightni (more…)
Strong as an Ant
12:02 — Clyde's ferret cookies are mysteriously growing legs and walking away! Upon closer examination, Luna and Jupiter discover that it's actually ants carr (more…)
Luna's Lunar Quest
12:02 — It's a full moon and a dog howling in the night sends Jupiter and Clyde scrambling for Luna's bed. As she tries to calm them down and explain all abou (more…)
Banana Seeds
12:00 — While planting Luna’s bean sprout experiment that she’s just brought home from school, the trio start thinking about all other sorts of things it migh (more…)
A Snail Tale
12:02 — Foggy mornings are better spent playing inside, and this particular foggy day Luna, Jupiter and Clyde are having fun taking care of Luna's pet snail, (more…)
Shooting Stars
12:02 — On a particularly starry night, Luna, Clyde and Jupiter are in the backyard, star gazing, when something truly incredible happens - they see a shootin (more…)
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
12:00 — While star gazing one night and pondering the wonders of the night sky, Luna decides there’s one thing she’s just gotta know. Why do the stars twinkle (more…)
Nighty Night, Sun
12:02 — No one's quite ready for night to come and call it a day, out in Luna's backyard, they're having too much fun helping Daddy in the garden. But as they (more…)
Ice Giants
12:02 — One sunny morning, Luna, Jupiter and Clyde are in the backyard racing boats in their play pool. As the race reaches its climax, Clyde's boat suddenly (more…)
Rings Around Saturn
12:00 — While taking a look through Luna’s telescope, Jupiter spots a curious planet that seems to be playing one of Luna’s favorite games, hula-hoop! Upon cl (more…)
Reaching the Rainbow
12:02 — Playing, dancing and singing along with their musical friend, Tom, in the backyard, the friends are caught in a sudden rain shower. Over just as quick (more…)
As the Bread Rises
12:02 — Over at the bakery, as Luna and Jupiter enjoy some of Newton's famous sweet bread rolls, the baker keeps on baking. He even gives his two favourite cu (more…)
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
12:02 — One cold wintery day, Luna notices something strange is happening in her house. Something is causing all the bathroom mirrors and windows to fog up. B (more…)
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  • Premiered: August 16, 2014
  • Rating: TV-Y
  • Premise: The adventures of a little girl who loves science.

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