Dudley Do-Right

  • 1969
  • 1 Season

The clumsy but earnest Canadian Mountie battles the dastardly, mustache-twirling Snidely Whiplash. Creator Jay Ward combined loopy humor with equal facility on `The Bullwinkle Show,' where Dudley and company first appeared.

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Dudley Do-Right - Season 1
Follow the sidesplitting adventures of Dudley Do-Right, the dim-witted Canadian Mountie, determined to get his man. Joined by his friends Inspector Fe (more…)
The Inspector's Nephew/Matinee Idol/Snidely Arrested
16:00 — One of Snidely's lackeys is mistaken for Inspector Fenwick's nephew. / A Hollywood talent scount picks Snidely as his new matinee idol. / Inspector Fe (more…)
Lure of the Footlights/Bullet-Proof Suit/Miracle Drug
16:00 — Dudley teams up with Snidely Whiplash so he can go into show business. / Snidely Whiplash tricks Nell Fenwick into knitting him a bulletproof suit. / (more…)
Elevenworth Prison/Saw Mill/Mountie Without A Horse
15:00 — Dudley Do-Right goes undercover at Elevenworth Prison. / Snidely Whiplash kidnaps Nell on her wedding day and holds her hostage in the sawmill. / Snid (more…)
Niagara Falls/Snidely's Vic Whiplash Gym/Marigolds
16:00 — Snidely Whiplash erects a dam to stop Niagara Falls and bring down the Canadian economy. / Dudley Do-Right pays a visit to Snidely's Vic Whiplash gym (more…)
The Centaur/Railroad Tracks/Foreclosing Mortgages
16:00 — Dudley Do-Right captures what he believes to be a Centaur and makes it his new mount. / Dudley disguises himself as Nell to capture Snidely Whiplash. (more…)
Mortgagin' the Mountie Post/Trap Bait/The Masked Ginny Lynn
17:00 — Unwittingly, Dudley Do-Right signs over the mortgage on the Mountie Post to Snidely Whiplash. / Snidely Whiplash baits a trap for Dudley Do-Right usin (more…)
Trading Places/Top Secret/The Locket
16:00 — When Dudley and Nell switch places, Nell captures every criminal in Canada. / Dudley keeps a Top Secret project safe from Snidely Whiplash, who is act (more…)
Inspector Dudley Do-Right/Recruiting Campaign/Out of Uniform
16:00 — Snidely Whiplash disguises himself as Inspector Fenwick. / Dudley Do-Right is forced into an all-out recruiting campaign for the RCMP. / Snidely hatch (more…)
Mother Whiplash's Log Jam/Stolen Art Masterpieces/Mechanical Dudley
16:00 — Dudley joins the Mounties and his first assignment is to blow up Snidely's log jam factory. / A priceless art masterpiece is stolen in Toronto and Dud (more…)
Snidely Mounted Police/Mother Love/Mountie Bear
16:00 — Snidely Whiplash opens his own mounted police force. / When Dudley gets in trouble, his mother knows best. / A bear takes a liking to the Mountie unif (more…)
Robbing Banks/Skagway Dogsled-Pulling Contest/Canadian Railways Bridge
16:00 — Posing as a Mountie, Snidely Whiplash goes on a bank-robbing spree. / Snidely wins the Skagway Dogsled-Pulling contest every year by cheating. / Snide (more…)
Flicker Rock/Faithful Dog/Coming-Out Party
16:00 — Snidely pushes Flicker Rock onto Dudley's head making him more disoriented than ever. / Dudley finds an unlikely partner in a vicious wolf sent by Sni (more…)
The Disloyal Canadians/Finding Gold/Stokey The Bear
17:00 — Snidely Whiplash smuggles furs across the border with the aid of his musical band "The Disloyal Canadians". / Dudley Do-Right needs gold to win the he (more…)

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