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(Sub) The Star-Branded Dragonar Season 1, Episode 12 Jun 20, 2014 Subscription

The ball is interrupted when Eco adopts her dragon form. Mordred reveals himself, and tries to possess Eco's dragon body. Can the others stop him?

(Dub) Yggdrasil Rising Season 1, Episode 11 Jun 13, 2014 Subscription

At the masquerade ball, Silvia pursues her hunch about Milgauss's true identity. Eco faces a hard truth that inadvertently gets her into hot water.

(Dub) Assembly in Fontaine Season 1, Episode 10 Jun 6, 2014 Subscription

Silvia, Ash, and Eco arrive in Fontaine for the Continental Congress and meet the Paladin. Meanwhile, Milgauss begins putting his plans into action.

(Dub) Dragon Dance Season 1, Episode 9 May 30, 2014 Subscription

The end of training camp coincides with a devastating attack that puts the Dragonars on their toes. There may be more to Milgauss than meets the eye.