• 2012
  • TV Show
  • TV-Y

Four industrious little workers use their skills to solve problems and tackle projects together.

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All Four Senses
00:34 — The Pod Squad is always helping solve problems in Doozer Creek, but today they find themselves with a delicious dilemma! Professor Gimbal tells them s (more…)
Stomping Feet
01:02 — In an attempt to teach Doozer Doodad how to dance, the Pod Squad stomps their feet to a beat!
Smackleberry Muffin
00:35 — Professor Gimbal teaches the Pod Squad about all the different ways they can sense a smackleberry muffin.
Test Cake
00:34 — The bakers and the Pod Squad decide to build a practice cake so they don't harm the real one they're entering in the cake competition.
00:55 — The Pod Squad builds the scariest Pumpkin Doozer ever, but it rolls out of control and scares everyone in Doozer Creek.
Runaway Jetpack
00:40 — Daisy Wheel’s jetpack is flying all around town with no one to stop it! Will the Pod Squad be able to get it back before it accidentally breaks?
Playground Break
01:43 — The Pod Squad need a quick play break from problem solving. They go to their favorite playground with Professor Gimbal. While they are playing they st (more…)
Windy Lifting
00:59 — The Pod Squad tests out Spike’s idea for Gimble’s Windy Wonder in the construction area by lifting the Doozers’ lunches up to them.
Magnet Help
01:15 — Magnets are super cool and can be super helpful! Professor Gimbal helps the Pod Squad discover the ways that magnets can help them out and even help t (more…)
Marble Game
00:42 — The Pod Squad invented a marble racing game, and compete with their marbles to see how well it works.
Creative Art Projects
00:34 — The Pod Squad are excited to begin their very own art projects. They all know what they are going to make except for Flex, he needs to ask help from h (more…)
Doozer Parade
01:26 — The Pod Squad is having trouble coming up with an answer for their performance problem. They have too many acts and not enough time. They all take a p (more…)
Time for the Rink
00:57 — The ice skating rink is ready, and the Pod Squad can’t wait to play.
Gimbal Stuck
00:39 — Professor Gimbal accidentally gets stuck in the playground, but he tells the Pod Squad he isn’t worried because he has them to help him get “unstuck,” (more…)
Learning from Experience
01:17 — When the Pod Squad has a problem they go to their mentor, Professor Gimbal, for advice. Professor Gimbal helps the Pod Squad realize that sometimes as (more…)
Light Show
02:00 — With the Pod Squad’s invention and Daisy Wheel’s song, the Ditzies finally come back for a twinkling light show!
Baby Radishes
01:25 — Radishes need a lot of care to help them grow. The Pod Squad is finding that out the hard way. They realize that every place they find has something t (more…)
The Table Ride
00:58 — The Pod Squad is tinkering with Gimble’s old inventions to find new uses for them, and Daisy and Molly ask Chief Doozer to take their new table ride f (more…)
00:50 — When Baker Timber Bolt accidentally puts the wrong powder in his cakes, the whole town has hiccups! The Pod Squad use their inventing skills to build (more…)
Music is Everywhere
01:20 — The Pod Squad is on a mission to find their favorite sounds. Flex realizes that his favorite sound is in a place he would have never expected… the vil (more…)
The Podmobile
00:53 — Molly tries riding in Flex's PodMobile to see if she wants one of her own, but she's a little uncertain about all of the modifications he made to it!
Map Away
01:01 — While exploring, the Doozers key in on some perfect areas to map.
00:49 — The Pod Squad learns that reflecting sunlight off of mirrors will power an old solar powered train.
Flapjackster Mystery
01:21 — Baker Timber Bolt pancake flipping machine, the Flapjackster, keeps disappearing. He needs help from The Pod Squad to figure out why.
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  • Rating: TV-Y
  • Premise: Four industrious little workers use their skills to solve problems and tackle projects together. (more)

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