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Doki Season 1
Seven-year-old DOKI has a lot of questions... and he'll go as far as it takes, to get the answers! He's a born explorer, just like his best friends O (more…)

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Traders of 'Taters / Doki's Bright Idea Season 1, Episode 24 Apr 14, 2013 Subscription

After months of saving Doki has bought a baseball glove but doesn't have enough for a ball so the Team heads to PISAC PERU where they explore a barter's market and dig up wild potatoes to trade for a ball and for fuel to fly home. / The Team is happily making hand-shadows in the beam of Doki's flashlight when a call for assistance comes in. A friend named Davy needs help changing a light bulb! But what kind of light bulb needs more than one person to change it? Intrigued they set off to CORNWALL UNITED KINGDOM.

North to Doki-land / Runway Runaround Season 1, Episode 22 Apr 14, 2013 Subscription

Doki notices a 'new' island on a satellite map so the team heads to the NORTH ATLANTIC NEAR GREENLAND where they find an ice-covered island which turns out to be an ICEBERG. The iceberg splits in half and a new friend helps reunite the team. / Old airplane parts for free? Oto can't believe it! He brings the whole team to METRO AIRPORT to help him stock up.

Aloha Birthday / Catch a Falling Star Season 1, Episode 16 Apr 14, 2013 Subscription

Every year Fico finds his birthday gift and wrecks the surprise. So they decide to keep Fico too busy to snoop! They set off to HAWAII where they can ski and surf in the same day! Thanks to some mishaps the party transforms into a Hawaiian luau. / When Anabella reads about 'wishing on falling stars' she wishes one would fall near her so she could see it. Doki isn't sure that's possible. Is there really such a thing as a 'falling star'? To find out they fly to PUERTO RICO home of a powerful radio-telescope.

Doki's Canal Race / Fico's Masterpiece Season 1, Episode 15 Apr 14, 2013 Subscription

Team Doki tries to race paper boats down the stream and wonder why rushing water crumples the boats. They set off the PANAMA CANAL but mistakenly land on the wrong coast. So they have a real boat race to a meeting spot in the middle of the Canal! / When Fico paints Doki's portrait his picture generates a lot of confusion. It doesn't look anything like Doki - it's just a squiggle! Is Fico's picture of Doki real art? Eager to find out what 'real' art is they visit an art studio in BERLIN GERMANY where a fellow club member's Dad creates modern art.

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