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Murder He Said Season 1, Episode 13 Jan 1, 1974 $0.99

After a furious row with the Purser, Waring suggests that he should be killed. And when, while investigating Waring's dodgy dealings in the kitchens, the Purser goes missing, Waring is placed upon suspicion of murder.

Sir John and Baby Doc Season 1, Episode 12 Jan 1, 1974 $0.99

Loftus decides to sack Dick from the Hospital, and Duncan threatens to resign in protest. He is shocked when Loftus calmly accepts his resignation. Dick and Duncan sign up as ship's doctors on board a luxury cruise liner called the MS Begonia. However, it is not the luxury life they expected especially when the captain turns out to be Loftus' brother.

Goodbye Mr. Ships Season 1, Episode 11 Jan 1, 1974 $0.99

Waring and Stuart-Clark are in trouble again. Having missed the departure of the cruise from Madeira, they decide to hire a motorboat to try to catch up. And when the engine runs out of fuel, they're certainly all at sea!

But It's So Much Nicer to Come Home Season 1, Episode 10 Jan 1, 1974 $0.99

The cruise is over at last, and both Waring and Stuart-Clark resign their posts. Returning to St Swithin's, they realise that everything has changed there, and decide to try to get their jobs back on the cruise liner. To do so, though, they are going to have to use a little old-fashioned skull-duggery!