Dakota Pathways

  • 2004

Examining South Dakota's history.

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Finding a National Voice
13:44 — Political voices of the past shared a common fever, a concern for the state and the nation. Pettigrew, Norbeck, Pyle and others reviewed.
People of the Bison
12:56 — Years ago bison covered the plains similar to new leaves on a spring tree. They migrated with the seasonal change. They traveled north of The Black Hi (more…)
The First Hunters and Farmers
13:47 — Of all the people who spend time digging and exploring, archaeologist immerse themselves deeper into the dirt and history than most other professional (more…)
Water and Dust
13:54 — Water has meant exploration, settlement, transportation, power and sometimes disaster. Stories of drought and dust are when crops die of thirst and fo (more…)
Playing Games
13:05 — Sports and games come in many forms. Some require extreme feats of strength, while others require large amounts of metal power. But, they all must be (more…)
History and Legend
14:00 — There are many different ways that history is passed on from generation to generation. In the world today, people learn about history by reading books (more…)
Cowboys on the Open Range
13:56 — Starting in the late 1870s, cattle arrived on the western grasslands of the Dakota Territory guided by men on horses called cowboys.
Maps and Borders
14:00 — Finding your exact location has improved drastically over the years from using compasses and longitude and latitude coordinates to using portable glob (more…)
The Home Front
13:08 — A look at the our nations war stories and those on the homefront.
On Vacation
13:46 — Tourism is the second biggest industry in South Dakota ranking only behind agriculture. Vacation travel used to be just for the wealthy, but as the wo (more…)
Stories from the Sky
14:16 — Weather influences everything people do. The sun burns millions of the earth's human inhabitants every day. During a wild winter ice can lead to all k (more…)
A Dark Day
12:57 — There are dark days in history. Usually they dawn without a hint of being anything but ordinay, yet end with everybody knowing the events will not be (more…)
East River, West River
14:06 — Where is the boundary between the Midwest and West? In South Dakota, many would say the border between the two regions is the Missouri River. But wher (more…)
Mining Booms and Busts
14:15 — Mining in South Dakota is often synomonous with gold, but more mining is going on around the state.
The Mighty Mo
14:00 — As long as there have been civilizations, people have been bridging, damming, channeling and using rivers to make their lives easier. Water and rivers (more…)
Headlines and Bulletins
13:04 — People have an innate trust in the news media. News broadcasters on radio or television and writers of newspaper and magazines articles are very belie (more…)
Blackboards and Computers
13:08 — The education of students has continually changed over the years. Changes like mainstreaming, consolidation, entrance exams and education initiatives (more…)
Telling Stories
14:14 — South Dakota has been home to countless storytellers and writers. Various SD writers and story topics are reviewed.
Rails and Other Roads
14:06 — From 1862 to 1883, railroad companies built the infrastructure for train travel; soon, train tracks and trains crisscrossed North America, bringing th (more…)
Big Towns and Little Towns
13:05 — South Dakota claims many times of towns. Change is size can be attributed to many factors including lifestyle, business opportunities and environmenta (more…)

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