Clang Invasion

  • 2013
  • TV Show
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Animated comedy about two siblings who have aliens living in their treehouse.

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With Friends Like These
12:02 — Rivet’s old high school friend Harry makes a surprise visit and quickly outstays his welcome.
Chicken Pocalypse
12:02 — Daisy gets the chicken pocks and infects the Robots leaving Robin to take care of them all and bow to their annoying demands.
The Fluffy Kitten…of Death
12:03 — The cutest kitten ever appears in the backyard and wreaks havoc behind Robin and Daisy’s back while Sam and the robots land in hot water.
The Polar-Bear Express
12:02 — A polar bear follows Robin home from the zoo and is kidnapped back to the North Pole.
Say Cheese
12:02 — Every year Daisy has the worst picture on picture day and this time, with the help of the robots, she’s determined to have a good photo she can be pro (more…)
Bring Your Parents to Work Day
12:02 — Darrel the Destroyer’s parents pay a surprise visit to his space ship and are disappointed with his lack of success as an overlord so Darrel convinces (more…)
Pause and Order
12:02 — The Gang works to stop Darrel form destroying planet Earth after Robin accidentally pauses the entire world.
To Sasquatch a Thief
12:02 — On a camping trip in the forest, the gang comes across the real Sasquatch who is trying to hide from Earl who’s trying to uncover a conspiracy.
Trick or Treat
12:02 — The gang learns that you can have too much of a good thing when Rivet creates a time loop so that they can keep reliving Halloween over and over and o (more…)
Citizen Lame
12:02 — The robots decide to make their own newspaper filled with their own made up stories, but they unexpectedly uncover a real plot by the Black Parakeet a (more…)
Road to Invention
12:03 — Robin and Daisy convince the organizers of the ‘Intergalactic Inventor-off’ to hold the competition on earth this year so that Rivet can defend his ti (more…)
Total Eclipse of the Art
12:02 — The robots tag along on Robin and Daisy’s class trip to the art museum, but get mistaken for pieces of art and suddenly have Robin and Daisy suspected (more…)
Back On the Clang Gang
12:02 — When Robin and Daisy get sent to Clang by mistake, Rivet has to give up his dream of getting home in order to get the kids back to earth.
The Grandma Illusion
12:02 — One of Rivet’s gadgets mistakenly starts to reverse age Grandma until she’s a baby and Robin and Daisy are left baby sitting.
Alien Happy Fun Time Challenge
12:02 — The gang ends up on an intergalactic game show where the stakes are much higher than they expected.
Freaky Monday
12:02 — In a freak accident involving a giant electricity ball, Robin and Darrel the Destroyer switch bodies and get to live in each other’s shoes for a day.
Evolution Solution
12:02 — Robin has to do a school project about his family tree, but rather than doing some research, Robin has Rivet build an invention to bring his real ance (more…)
April Fools
12:02 — Robin teaches the robots about April Fools only to have them take pranking further than he ever has.
Home a Clone
12:02 — Rivet creates clones of Robin and Daisy so they can avoid going on a boring family vacation.
I, Giant Robot
12:02 — Rivet builds a giant robot to help Robin retrieve his flying disc from their roof.
Completely Lost In Space
12:02 — The gang is sent on wild space adventure when Rivet fixes a flight simulator at Space Camp to actually work.
Robin Boy Genius…Naaaaaa
12:02 — Robin submits one of Rivet’s inventions to a contest so that Rivet can win the prize without being discovered, but the invention is a huge success and (more…)
When Life Gives You Lemons
12:02 — Daisy opens a lemonade stand to earn some extra money and is kidnapped by Russian spies hoping to learn her secret recipe.
The E.A.R.L. Files
12:02 — Earl is on a quest to uncover the truth after taking a photo of a weird flashing light in the backyard next door.
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  • Premiered: April 15, 2013
  • Rating: None
  • Premise: Animated comedy about two siblings who have aliens living in their treehouse.

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