Chloe's Closet

  • 2009
  • TV Show
  • TV-Y

The adventures of a little girl who embarks on magical adventures with her security blanket while playing dress up in her closet.

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Easy as Cake
11:31 — The kids help a Chef make a cake for his son’s birthday – and make rocking musical instruments in the process!
Purple Like Me
11:31 — The kids travel undersea as mermaids and find all the fish travel in pairs. When they come upon one who is alone, they set out to find her perfect mat (more…)
The Sound of Echos
11:32 — Chloe and friends visit the mountains of Bavaria to help “Mr. Echo” understand the idea of sequencing to help him repeat back sounds in the right orde (more…)
Hey Hey He's a Monkey
11:31 — Chloe and friends go for a scavenger hunt in the jungle – with a new friend who is new to the jungle as well. But they’re not sure whether a coconut i (more…)
For Love of Monet
11:31 — The kids paint pictures that come to life, but forget to give their stick-man the ten fingers he needs to hold the handlebars so he can join them on a (more…)
Eight Left Feet
11:32 — Chloe and her friends dress up as deep sea divers and travel under the sea... where they help an octopus appreciate the benefits of having eight arms.
Do Little, Do Big
11:31 — Chloe and friends become animal doctors and treat everyone from the smallest mouse to the biggest dinosaur.
Getting to Snow You
11:31 — The kids visit a land of ice and snow where they discover Mr. Cloud has lost his snowflake-cutter so the snow is dropping in big blobs instead of deli (more…)
Brushing Around
11:31 — Chloe and her friends are thrilled to meet the Tooth Fairy – but she’s lost her bag of rewards! Now they only have one night to find it before the ch (more…)
Raiders of the Lost Egg
11:31 — The kids travel to the Mayan Ruins to meet a toucan with a problem. With the help of a cheeky monkey, they solve the puzzle and save the day.
Tyrannosaurus Wrecks
11:31 — Dressed as Cave Kids, Chloe and Jet travel to Dino Land. Whilst there, with the help of some rolling fruit, they help their new friend Dino find his m (more…)
On the Right Track
11:31 — A frustrated train can’t pull his heavy load up a steep hill. The kids show him that, by splitting the load into two parts, he can make it light enou (more…)
Braking Away
11:31 — Chloe and friends must navigate a fantastical race course by following the directional words on a map.
Jet's Quest
11:31 — Jet doesn’t know what to do for the “show” that Chloe is staging. But a jungle cruise, a group of monkeys, and a mischievous snake show Jet that he ca (more…)
Sun Daze
11:31 — Chloe and friends visit a fairy land that is always light. It turns out the Sun has lost her “comfort blankie” and can’t sleep without it.
Bump in the Night
11:31 — Stuffed owl Hootie Hoo keeps bumping his head. Chloe and her friends visit outer space to dust the stars so Hootie Hoo can see better at night.
Super Best Friends
11:31 — Chloe and friends encounter a “King Kong” type gorilla who is wreaking havoc because he has the hiccups.
The Color Pink
11:31 — The kids visit a Queendom where all the pink paint has been destroyed by a dragon. The kids are able to mix up their own pink paint using white and re (more…)
Bump in the Sand
11:31 — The kids travel to the desert of Arabia where they meet a lost camel. With the help of some low crocodiles and a high Sphinx, they lead him safely hom (more…)
Rainbow Riddle
11:31 — Chloe and friends don raingear to play in the rain and soon discover the rainbow is missing. Together they must find the seven colors and return them (more…)
Hairy Tale
11:31 — Chloe and Jet go to Jack and the Beanstalk land and, with the help of the woodcutter, help the Giant get a good night’s sleep.
Big Shoes to Fill
11:31 — When the new Ring Master’s assistant accidentally mixes all the circus acts props up, it’s up to Chloe to sort it out and save the special children’s (more…)
All Green Thumbs
11:31 — The kids have fun making things grow with water but when they overgrow a mouse, she’s too tall to get inside her home and reach her babies. They enlis (more…)
Stay On Your Toes
11:31 — Lil can’t remember the correct sequence for the steps of her dance. A music box ballerina helps her decipher the repeated pattern of the steps.
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  • Rating: TV-Y
  • Premise: The adventures of a little girl who embarks on magical adventures with her security blanket while playing dress up in her closet. (more)

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