Casper and Friends

  • 1990
  • TV Show
  • None

The animated adventures of Casper, Ritchie Rich, Baby Huey and Little Lulu.

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Dutch Treat/ Scout Fellow/ Galaxia/ Surf and Sound

Season 1, Episode 51

November 12, 1990

Fright from Wrong/ Robin Rodenthood/ Giddy Gadgets/ One Quack Mind

Season 1, Episode 35

October 19, 1990

Keep Your Grin Up/ Herman the Cartoonist/ Fiesta Time/ Clown On the Farm

Season 1, Episode 34

October 18, 1990

Spooking With a Brouge/ By Leaps and Hounds/ Drinks On the Mouse /Okey Dokey Donkey

Season 1, Episode 33

October 17, 1990

Hooky Spooky/ Katnip's Big Day/ City Kitty/ Party Smarty

Season 1, Episode 32

October 16, 1990

Ground Hog Play/ Hair Today Gone Tomorrow/ of Mice and Magic/ Surf Bored

Season 1, Episode 31

October 15, 1990

Boo Moon/ Dawg Gone/ Mice Capades/ Sky Scrappers

Season 1, Episode 30

October 12, 1990

Greedy Giants/ Cape Kidnaveral/ Huey's Duckey Daddy/ Disguise the Limit

Season 1, Episode 50

Spree Under the Sea/ Li'l Audrey Ridinghood/ Bobin Hood/ Ship a Hooey

Season 1, Episode 49

Wendy's Fish/ Sir Irving & Jeames/ Sock a Bye Kitty/ Turtle Scoop

Season 1, Episode 48

Friday Day the 13th/ Off Mice and Menace/ from Mad to Worse/ Audrey the Rainmaker

Season 1, Episode 47

Cold Wave/ Counter Attack/ Hide and Peak/ Will Do Mousework

Season 1, Episode 46

Spook No Evil/ Peck Your Own Home/ Dizzy Dishes/ Git Along Lil' Duckie

Season 1, Episode 45

Hide and Shriek/ As the Crow Lies/ TV or No TV/ Cat Carson Rides Again

Season 1, Episode 44

The Enchanted Prince/ Lion Busy/ You Said a Mouseful/ Crumbley Cogwell

Season 1, Episode 43

Kings of Toyland/ Trouble Date/ Jumping With Toy/ Frighty Cat

Season 1, Episode 42

Penguin for Your Thoughts/ Mousier the Herman/ Funderful Suburbia/ Huey's Father's Day

Season 1, Episode 41

Boo Kind to Animals/ Dante Dreamer/ Case..Cockeyed Canary/ Northwest Mousie

Season 1, Episode 40

A Visit from Mars/ Mighty Termite/ Hold the Lion Please/ Mousetro Herman

Season 1, Episode 39

Boo Ribbon Winner/ the Animal Fair/ Cat Choo/ Owly to Bed

Season 1, Episode 38

Heart of Gold/ Possum Pearl/ Felineous Assault/ Bicep Built for Two

Season 1, Episode 37

Bull Fright/ Better Bait Than Never/ One Funny Knight/ Feast and Furious

Season 1, Episode 36

Little Boo Peep/ Cat in the Act/The Seapreme Court/ Pest Pupil

Season 1, Episode 29

Which Is Witch/ the Awful Tooth/ Swab the Duck/ Miceniks

Season 1, Episode 28

Boos and Arrows/ Starting from Hatch/ Mice Paradise/ Law and Audrey

Season 1, Episode 27

Spook and Span/ Terry the Terror/ Invention Convention/ Wandering Ghost

Season 1, Episode 26

Good Scream Fun/ Cat Tamale/ Mouse Trapeze/ Weather or Not

Season 1, Episode 25

Cast & Details

  • Premiered: October 12, 1990
  • Rating: None
  • Premise: The animated adventures of Casper, Ritchie Rich, Baby Huey and Little Lulu.

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