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Business and finance are discussed.

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Minting the Plastic Coin & Countering Claims of Metals Manipulation W/Chris Martenson & Keith Weiner

Season 1, Episode 143

The Les Miserables State and the Trillion Dollar Treasury Coin: Stop the Presses!!

Season 1, Episode 142

Fed Guzzles Salt and Fresh Water Ideologies While Washington Strikes a Dairy Deal

Season 1, Episode 141

David Collum Presents His 2012 Year in Review Ahead of the Mayan Non-Apocalypse

Season 1, Episode 140

Eric Fry and Joel Bowman Catch the Train of Opportunity On Their Way Out of the U.S.

Season 1, Episode 139

Former Fed VP James Savage Takes Aim at Fedspeak + Car2Go CEO On Back2Future Travel

Season 1, Episode 138

GATA's Bill Murphy & Chris Powell Call Out Gold and Silver Market Manipulation Conspiracy Critics

Season 1, Episode 137

Neil Barofsky On UBS Criminal Charges for LIBOR and HSBC Money Laundering Wrist Slap

Season 1, Episode 136

Jim Grant: Honey, I Shrunk the Yield Curve!!

Season 1, Episode 135

Cate Long: Muniland, The Happiest Place On Earth?

Season 1, Episode 134

Jim Rickards: the Fed Is Racing to Create Inflation Before the U.S. Economy Implodes

Season 1, Episode 133

Stephanie Kelton On Modern Monetary Theory's Goals for Full Employment and Government Deficits

Season 1, Episode 132

Eric Sprott: Silver to Outshine Gold As the Investment of This Decade

Season 1, Episode 131

Barry Habib and John Butler: Are We Buying Housing or Burning the Furniture?

Season 1, Episode 130

Economic and Political Lessons from 1775, A Good Time for Revolution w/ Kevin Phillips

Season 1, Episode 129

Ex-CEO of Olympus Blows the Whistle On Fraud and a Culture of Dysfunction in Japan

Season 1, Episode 128

Eichengreen On the Gold Standard, the Dollar Standard, and a New Global Currency Order

Season 1, Episode 127

Sheila Bair On the Consequences of ZIRP, Bank Bailouts, and a Post-Geithner Treasury

Season 1, Episode 126

William Janeway: Bullish On Bubbles, Bearish On IPO's, and Bust'n On Carried Interest

Season 1, Episode 125

Bob English on Geithner Leaving Derivatives Backdoor Open as He Walks Out the Front

Season 1, Episode 124

Why Nations Fail and Robber Barons Succeed With Dr. James Robinson

Season 1, Episode 123

The Dollar Collapse Revisited and a Bull Market in U.S. Treasuries With Peter Schiff

Season 1, Episode 122

Egypt's Market Plunge, U.S. Food Bank Drought, and Turkish Gold Trade With Michael Krieger

Season 1, Episode 121

Don't Be Fooled by Fiscal Cliff Circus, the Eurozone Drama Is Still a Crisis

Season 1, Episode 120

Hedging Against Volatility in a Bull Market of Fear w/ Christopher Cole

Season 1, Episode 119

Eric Hunsader On Sex and Corruption Lawsuit at the SEC and HFT Jaywalking

Season 1, Episode 118

Steve Keen On Private Money Creation & the Myth of Fractional Reserve Lending

Season 1, Episode 117

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