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(Sub) Things to Protect Season 1, Episode 13 Aug 14, 2015 Subscription

Valkyria's relationships with Neko and the rest are revealed. As the world burns around them, who will make it to the end? Find out in the thrilling finale of Brynhildr in the Darkness!

(Sub) Hexenjagd Season 1, Episode 12 Aug 7, 2015 Subscription

#1107 has been revealed and Murakami and the rest find out the true purpose of the witch lab. Suddenly, the fate of the world lies in the hands of himself, Neko and their friends.

(Sub) A Sudden Reunion Season 1, Episode 11 Jul 31, 2015 Subscription

Valkyria is on the hunt for the remaining witches, and Neko and the girls decide the best plan of action is avoidance at all cost. For Valkyria is the ultimate witch, with command of many powers that can overwhelm and devastate them all in an instance...

(Sub) Proof of Life Season 1, Episode 10 Jul 24, 2015 Subscription

Time is running out for Neko and her friends as their pill supply begins to dwindle. On the edge of despair, Ryota reminds them of their promise and arranges a trip to the beach.