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(Sub) The Ones Who Aspired to Be Gods Season 1, Episode 13 Jun 30, 2014 Subscription

The final battle ground has been chosen to face off against the gastrea. Can humanity succeed again in their final fight with Aldebaran?

(Sub) Crisis Point Season 1, Episode 12 Jun 24, 2014 Subscription

Rentaro thinking he is all alone in his fight with the gastrea gets a helping hand when it is least expected.

(Sub) The Heart of Taurus, the Spear of Light Season 1, Episode 11 Jun 17, 2014 Subscription

Hope is diminishing as the Gastreas gain strength and bombs destroy the classroom outside.

(Sub) Tokyo Area Defensive Battle Season 1, Episode 10 Jun 10, 2014 Subscription

Monolith 32 is due to collapse in three days, which leaves Rentaro and Kisara with precious little time to train Matsuzaki's Cursed Children.