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Super Fang Season 2, Episode 33 Feb 17, 1998 Subscription

When Flabber makes Fangula think he possesses superpowers our fanged friend decides to attack the Crustaceans and Boron!

Astral Ambush Season 2, Episode 28 Nov 25, 1997 Subscription

The house monsters are fed up with the astral war and decide to offer Nukus the last one of the coins to protect them.

This Old Ghost Season 1, Episode 38 Apr 4, 1997 Subscription

Old man Hillhurst returns to his old home. There's only one glitch ... he wants Flabber and the gang out right away!

Pet Problems Season 1, Episode 34 Mar 21, 1997 Subscription

Things get hairy when the terrible trio decides to cause a little "pet mischief" by kidnapping all the pets in town.