Bernard Season 1
Bernard is a series of animated shorts centered on the fictional polar bear and main character of the same name.
Bowling, Taekwondo, Scuba Diving, Doors, At the Museum
16:00 — Bernard the bowling champ takes on Lloyd. It should be easy for Bernard, but in sport there are three kinds of luck - good luck, bad luck and .... Be (more…)
Marathon, The Fumigator 1, The Fumigator 2, Close Encounters 2, The Little Dog
16:00 — Bernard, Zack and Lloyd are competing in a marathon. The winner will not be the one who runs the fastest, but the one who survives the longest.
Street Racing, The Desert Island, Baseball, The Car, The Flower
16:00 — When Zack lines up alongside him at the traffic lights, it gives Bernard the perfect excuse to start a race through the city streets. But what about (more…)
A Lucky Day, The Storm, The Robot, The Vacuum Cleaner, A Day in the Country 2
17:00 — Is it really possible for our walking disaster of a polar bear to have a lucky day? Bernard ... lucky ... for a whole day?
Learning to Fly, Close Encounters, The Intruder, Basketball, The Cart
16:00 — Bernard is learning to fly, and may not have chosen the best day .... But once you are airborne, the important thing is not how you land, but where (more…)
The Medallion, The Moth, Bullfighter, At the North Pole, The Package
16:00 — Bernard finds a medallion, but soon discovers that it brings bad luck. So he tries to throw it away, but unfortunately for him, it keeps on coming ba (more…)
The Supermarket, The Mosquito, Oasis, The Treasure, The Window Cleaner
16:00 — Bernard is delighted with all the bargains he has bought. Now the only problem is how to get them all home.
Sleepwalker, The Pizza, The Unicycle, The Motorboat, The Prisoner
16:00 — Even when he's asleep, Bernard is capable of anything - as he finds out when he wakes up in the morning.

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