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Vexor's Last Laugh Season 1, Episode 53 May 21, 1997 $1.99

The BeetleBorgs take a beating from Borgslayer and finally escape to Hillhurst where they must rescue Flabber from the organ and Art from the monsters. Things look bleak for the BeetleBorgs until Nukus tells Trip and Van the secret to defeating Borgslayer - joining fire forces. When the BeetleBorgs try this trick, Borgslayer, Vexor and the terrible trio are sucked into a giant fire vortex. The kids, however, are unaware of Nukus who is anticipating his next move...

Fright Files Season 1, Episode 51 May 19, 1997 $1.99

The author of "Fright Files" thinks that Hillhurst would be a great inspiration for his work and moves in. Meanwhile, Vexor's new power-phaser makes Typhus more powerful and they set off to confront the BeetleBorgs. Drew keeps the author's possessions afloat so he can't settle in at Hillhurst. The author is then accidentally hit with the phaser and he scares the monsters and Flabber so badly that he moves out, claiming Hillhurst isn't that scary after all.

Brotherly Fright Season 1, Episode 50 May 16, 1997 $1.99

Flabber is determined to turn his hideous housemates into healthy hard-bodies. Enter Super-Noxic, Noxic's little brother, who arrives at Hillhurst under the guise of "Hurt-ulese," a pumped up personal trainer. Flabber and the kids discover his true identity through the comics and Drew transforms into the Blue Mega Borg to zap him back. Back at Hillhurst, the kids find the house monsters still strapped to fitness equipment and are able to muscle them out.

Norman Nussbaum: Vampire Hunter Season 1, Episode 49 May 12, 1997 $1.99

A new nerd in Jo's class named Norman claims to be from a family of vampire hunters, and says he must get rid of Fangula. When the skeptical kids mention Norman's name to Fangula, they realize Norman was telling the truth. Norman storms Hillhurst and just as he is about to drive a stake through Fangula's heart, a burly beast stops him and makes a deal to let Norman live if Norman lets Fangula live. The deal is struck, and the "beast" morphs back into Flabber.